Recent Dissertations and Proposals

Recent Dissertations

Full texts of IS PhD Program students' dissertations are available online through the ProQuest service (accessible through the UNT Libraries Electronic Resources menu). In addition, starting 2005, UNT dissertations, including those of IS PhD Program students, are placed in the UNT ETD repository and available via the online UNT Libraries catalog.


Behpour, Sahar. Unsupervised Pre-trained Weight Initialization for the Convolutional Neural Networks Using Independent Component Analysis. [Committee: Drs. M. Albert (Co-Chair), T. Xiao (Co-Chair), S. Hawamdeh, P. Grigolini]

Chen, Haihua. A Systematic Investigation of Data Evaluation and Improvement for Machine Learning Systems. [Committee: Drs. J. Chen (Co-Chair), J. Ding (Co-Chair), A. Cleveland, X. Liu]

Enamela, Pranathy. Adoption of Wearable Devices by Older Adults. [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Chair), G. Prybutok, B. O'Connor, H. Tarakci]

Jim, Cary. K-12 Students' Digital Opportunity: Conceptualization, Analysis and Implications. [Committee: Drs. H. Chang (Chair), S. Evans, J. Oppong, R. Henson]

Khader, Malak. Development of the Big Bridge Data Across the Conterminous U.S. for Deck Condition Rating Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms. [Committee: Drs. J. Allen (Co-Chair), S. Evans (Co-Chair), S. Miksa, C. Najour]

Klein, Janette. Life Coaches, Communities of Practice, and Everyday Life Information Seeking and Practices: An Exploratory Case Study. [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), B. Schultz-Jones, H. Chang, D. Alemneh, C. Wasson]

Mekala, Nithin. Social Networking Sites Usage Behavior: Trust and Risk Perceptions. [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Chair), G. Prybutok, B. O'Connor, F. Mirzaei, G. Gadgil]


Alasmari, Hanan. Understanding the Diffusion of COVID-19-Related Information on Social Media. [Committee: Drs. O. Zavalina (Chair), A. Cleveland, B. Schultz-Jones, D. Philpot]

Aljalahmah, Saleh. The Status of the organization of knowledge in cultural heritage institutions in Arabian Gulf countries [Committee: Drs. O. Zavalina (Chair), S. Miksa, D. Alemneh]

Almoqbil, Abdullah. Modeling Email Phishing Attacks. [Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Co-Chair), R.Anderson (Co-Chair, external), S. Hawamdeh, A. Habib (external)]

Bank, Nicole. At the Junction of Dissemination and Implementation: Facilitating Access to Behavior Analytic Research [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), M. Vaidya (external), E. Ingvarsson (external)]

Farabough, MichellePubMed Commons—What Happened on the Way to the Forum? Retrospective Explanatory Case Study Research and Lessons Learned from the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s Online Forum for Open Science. [Committee: Drs. B. Schultz-Jones, (Chair), S. Miksa, B. Martens (external)]

Floyd, SchenitaArtificial Intelligence Teammates in a Collaborative Information Seeking Environment from the Perspective of Women Engineers in the United States. [Committee: Drs. H. Chang (Chair), D. Smith, K. Johnson (external)]

Huerta, Jose. Healthcare Data Science Applications with a Focus on Health Disparities  [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Chair), B. O'Connor, G. Prybutok (external)]

Hovious, AmandaAn Information Theoretic Analysis of Multimodal Readability. [Committee: Drs. B. O’Connor (Chair), D. Smith, S. Warren, V. Shinas (external)]

Khan, Hammad. Understanding the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) of Data Professionals in United States Academic Libraries. [Committee: Drs. Y. Du (Co-Chair), H. Chang (Co-Chair), J. Kim, J. Johnson (external)]

Roeschley, Ana. “Take the Trouble to Compile a Whole New World:” The Role of Event-Based Participatory Projects in Institutional Archives. [Committee: Drs. J. Kim (Chair), S. Miksa, J. Johnson (external), J. Bastian (external), J. Lee (external)]

Stegmair, Juergen. A Quantitative Approach to Improve Understanding of Cyberbullying in Early Middle School. [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Chair), G. Prybutok (external), B. O’Connor, D. Peak (external)]

Wu, AnpingSustaining Multilinguality:  Case Studies of Two Multilingual Digital Libraries. [Committee: Drs. J Chen (Chair), O. Zavalina, J. Kim, L. Lin (external)]


Alomran, Amal. The Use of Smartphone Applications for Learning Purposes Among Saudi Students.  [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), B. Schultz-Jones, H. Chang, H. Alomran (external)]

Boyce, LeAnnExamination of Online Health Information Seeking Behaviors: Case Studies of Online Health Communities in COPD Patients. [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Co-Chair), G. Prybutok (Co-Chair), A. Cleveland, J. Philbrick (external)]

Drayden, CraigFactors that Affect HIPAA Compliance: A Bibliometric Study[Committee: Drs. A. Cleveland (Chair), D. Smith, Y. Artis (external)]

Chong, Miyoung. Twitter and the Affordance of Public Adgenda-Setting: A Case Study of #MarchForOUrLives[Committee: Drs. J. Ding and T. Everbach (Co-Chairs), B. O'Connor, G. Nesbitt (external)]

Eaves, Tresia. Information Seeking Behaviors of Transitioning Veterans When Job Hunting in North Texas.  [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), B. Schultz-Jones, B. Dervin (external)]

Jones, Elizabeth. Using Diagnostic Decision Support Systems to Reduce Diagnostic Error in Oklahoma Critical Care: A Survey of Critical Care Physicians.  [Committee: Drs. A. Cleveland (Chair), J. Chen, J. Kim, B. Wiskur (external)]

Kizhakkethil, Priya. Document and Information Experience in Virtual Zenanas: An Exploration of a Diaspora Small World.  [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), O. Zavalina, B. O'Connor, G. Burnett (external)]

Onye, Uriel. Social Disruptions in Nigerian Public Universities: A Study on the Impact of Strikes on Students’ Information Behavior.  [Committee: Drs. Y. Du (Chair), S. Miksa, B. O’Connor, B. Vinson (external)]

Phillips, Mark. Exploring the Use of Metadata Record Graphs for Metadata Assessment.  [Committee: Drs. O. Zavalina (Chair), J. Chen, C. Caragea (external)]

Rosellini, Amy. Factors Impacting Performance Measurement and Knowledge Transfer in a Training Environment.  [Committee: Drs. S. Hawamdeh (Chair), J. Allen, R. Busby (external)]

Zavalin, Vyacheslav. Are we there yet? Exploration of Functional Readiness of Existing RDA MARC21 Subject Metadata for Meaningful Conversion to BIBFRAME and Support of Linked Data.  [Committee: Drs. B. O’Connor and S. Miksa (Co-Chairs), B. Schultz-Jones, M. Nazarova (external)]

Zimmerman, Tara. Examining Human Information Behavior on Social Media: Introducing the Concept of Social Noise.  [Committee: Drs. S. Hawamdeh (Chair), H. Chang, J. Johnson (external), C. Brown (external)]


Alkahtani, Latifah The Impact of Sociocultural and Information Communication Technology Adoption Factors on the Everyday Life Information Seeking Behavior on Saudi Students in the United States​[Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), Y. Du, O. Zavalina, G. Prybutok (external)]

Alsmadi, Duha. Information Sharing and Storage Behavior via Cloud Computing: Security and Privacy in Research and Practice and Users’ Trust. [Committee: Drs. Hawamdeh (Chair), G. Oyarce, H. Chang, B. O'Connor, D. Alemneh (external)]

Asher, Donna. An Analysis of Student Perceptions of Teaching Effectiveness for Instructors Who Teach the Same Course in the Same Semester in Both Online and Face-to-Face Formats.  [Committee: Drs. Y. Du and H. Totten (Co-Chairs), V.A. Clark, (external)]

Habib, Abdulrahman. A Smart Tale: An Examination of Smart City Phenomenon Through the Lens of a Case Study [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Chair, external), B. O'Connor, D. Peak (external)]

McGowan, Michael (Todd). A Study of Perceptions and Intent to Adopt and Embrace Technology Used in Teams in the Workplace. [Committee: Drs. Oyarce (Chair), B. O'Connor, V. Prybutok (external)]

Zhang, Yuan. A Fabric of Entropy: A Discussion on the Meaning of Fractional Information[Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), H. Chang, R. Anderson (external)]


Alfarhoud, Yousef. Influence of Social Media on Decision Making of The Kuwait National Assembly Members: Case Study[Committee: Drs. Hawamdeh (Chair), G. Oyarce, H. Chang, B. O'Connor, D. Alemneh (external)]

Durr, Angel. Data Becomes Information: An Exploration of Partnership Opportunities for Data Science and Information Science[Committee: Drs. N. Evangelopolous (Chair, external), S. Hawamdeh, B. O'Connor, J. Kim]

Gadgil, Guruprasad. Analyzing Tradeoffs between Privacy Concerns and Active Social Media Presence of 18-30 Year Old College Students. [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Co-chair, external), D. Peak (Co-chair, external), B. O'Connor]

Hadidi (Hoyt), Rachel.  Exploration of Knowledge Creation Structures within Makerspaces: A Mixed Methods Case Study of Dallas Makerspace and its Users. [Committee: Drs. B. Schultz-Jones (Chair), S. Miksa, M. Wheeler, L. Pasquini (external)]

Halwani, Marwah: An Examination of the Evolution of Big Data and its Business Applications. [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Co-chair, external), D. Peak (Co-chair, external), B. O'Connor, N. Evangelopoulos (external)]

Hopkins, Mark. A Study of Physicians’ Serendipitous Knowledge Discovery: An Evaluation of Spark and the IF-SKD Model in a Clinical Setting[Committee: Drs. O. Zavalina (Chair), R. Herrington (external), E. Workman (external), L. Southmayd (external)]

Imhonde, Benjamin. A Model of Treatment Compliance Behavior of the Patient with Chronic Disease in the Age of Predictive Medicine: The role of Normative Beliefs. [Committee: Drs. Hawamdeh (Chair), A. Cleveland, J. Philbrick]

Kabashi, Artemida. Information Seeking in the Developing World: A Case Study of Information Seeking Behavior of College Students and Instructors in Vlore, Albania[Committee: Drs. M. Wheeler (Chair), A. Cleveland, B. O'Connor, D. Alemneh (external)]

McMullin, Shelly. The Correlation Between Information Literacy and Critical Thinking of College Students: An Exploratory Study[Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), J. Marino, L. Schamber (external)]

Mumah, Jenny. Where are the Women in the Ebola Crisis? An Analysis of Gendered Reporting and the Information Behavior Patterns of Journalists Covering a Health Outbreak.  [Committee: Drs. T. Everbach (Chair, external), S. Miksa, D. Alemneh (external)]

Reyes, Brenda. A Grounded Theory of Information Quality in Web Archives[Committee: Drs. J. Chen (Co-Chair), O. Zavalina (Co-Chair), S. Miksa, K. Masten-Cain (external)]

Shakeri, Shadi. Modeling Information Seeking Under Perceived Risk. [Committee: Drs. N. Evangelopoulos (Chair, external), O. Zavalina, S. Hawamdeh, B. O'Connor, S. Miksa]

Spence, JamesA Comparison of Major Factors That Affect Hospital Formulary Decision-Making By Three Groups of Prescribers[Committee: Drs. A. Cleveland (Chair), J. Chen, O. Zavalina, W. Heck (external)]

Stark, Hillary. The Influence of Visual Sources of nutrition-Oriented Information on Young Adults' Dieting Efforts. [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Chair, external), B. O'Connor, C. Blankson (external), P. Connors (external)]


Ammarukleart, Sujira: Factors Affecting Faculty Acceptance and use of Institutional Repositories in Thailand [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Co-chair), J. Kim (Co-chair), O. Zavalina, D. Alemneh (external)]

Baker, William A.: Controlled Vocabularies in the Digital Age: Are They Still Revelant? [Committee: Drs. G. Oyarce (Chair), B. O'Connor, W. Senn (external)]

Tmava, Ahmet: Investigating Factors that Affect Faculty Attitudes Towards Participation in Open Access Institutional Repositories (OA,IR)​ [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), O. Zavalina, D. Alemneh (external)]

Halwani, Marwah: An Examination of the Evolution of Big Data and its Business Applications. [Committee: Drs. V. Prybutok (Co-chair, external), D. Peak (Co-chair, external), B. O'Connor, N. Evangelopoulos (external)]


Alahmad, Badr: Costly Ignorance of Job Seekers: A Case Study in Saudi Arabia [Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), R.Anderson (external), G.Knezek (external)]

Albannai, Talal: Conversational Use of Photographic Images on Facebook: Modeling Visual Thinking on Social Media. [Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), R.Anderson (external), I.Klaver (external)]

Albar, Ali: Development of an Instrument to Measure the Level of Acceptability and Tolerance of Cyber Aggression : Mixed-Methods research on Saudi Arabian Social Media Users. [Committee: Drs. G. Oyarce (Chair), S. Hawamdeh, Y. Du, S. Squires (external)]

Alshara, Mohammed. Customers' Attitude toward Mobile Banking Applications in Saudi Arabia[Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), G. Oyarce, R.Anderson (external)]

Azogu, Olajumoke. What are they Doing up There? A Uses and Gratification Study of Small and Medium Enterprises Cloud Use[Committee: Drs. J. Chen (Chair), S. Hawamdeh, S.Smith (external)]

Bomar, Shannon: From the Outside in: A Multivariate Correlational Analysis of Effectiveness in Communities of Practice[Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), E. Figa, J. Hetzel (external)] 

Cantu, Brenda: The Effects of Student-Perceived Instructor Demotivating Bahaviors on Doctoral Students' Information Seeking Behaviors. [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), Y. Du, M. Ward (external)]

Elwani, Nabil: The Information Behavior of Individual Investors in Saudi Arabia. [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), B. Schultz-Jones, V.Prybutok (external)]

Harrelson-Hubbard, Diana: Rated M for Monkey: An Ethnographic Study of Parental Information Behavior When Assessing Video Game Content for their Children.  [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), B. Moen (external), C. Wasson (external)] 

Helge, Krystyn: Impetus for First, Second and Third Year Law Student Information Seeking Behavior, and Perception of Common Knowledge and Citation[Committee: Drs. Y. Chandler (Chair), D. Alemneh (external), M. Abbe (external)]  

Johnson, Barbara: Modeling Cognitive Authority Relationships. [Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), S. Miksa, O.Zavalina, L. McLaughlin (external)]

Norris, Tiffany: Journalist as Information Provider: Examining the One-Voice Model of a Corporate Sports Account[Committee: Drs. B. Schultz-Jones (Chair), J. Kim, O. Zavalina]

Stewart, Sarah: Understanding the Information Seeking of Pre-Kindergarten Students: An Ethnographic Exploration of their Seeking Behaviors in a Preschool Setting[Committee: Drs. E. Figa (Chair), D. Smith, C. Vires (external)] 

Sykes, Jason: Poststructuralist Critical Rhetorical Analysis as a Problem Analysis Tool: A Case Study of Information Impact in Denton's Hydraulic Fracturing Debate[Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), R.Anderson (external), I.Klaver (external)]

Walczyk, Christine. Building an Understanding of Library Culture through International Service Learning. [Committee: Drs. S. Warren (Chair, external), B. Schultz-Jones, A. Kim]

Weaver, Margaret.  The Role of the Strength in the Diffusion of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Information among Yoga Practitioners. [Committee: Drs. B. Schultz-Jones (Chair), J. Hilbun (external), L. Henry (external)]


Buchanan, Paul: Information Structures in Notated Music: Statistical Explorations of Composers' Performance Marks in Solo Piano Scores. [Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), M.Wheeler, R.Anderson (external)]

Dankasa, Jacob: Information Use Environment of Religious Professionals: A Case Study of The Everyday Life Information Seeking Behavior of Catholic Clergy in Northern Nigeria. [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), E. Figa, L. Heinrich (external)]

Hasenyager, RichardConvenience to Cataloger or Convenience to the User?: An Exploratory Study of Cataloger's Judgment. [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Co-Chair), O.Zavalina (Co-Chair), B. Schultz-Jones, J. Abbas (external)]

Knudson, RyanAutomatic Language Identification for Metadata Records: Measuring the Effectiveness of Various Approaches. [Committee: Drs. J. Chen (Chair), B.O'Connor, R.Mihalcea (external), H. Ross (external)]

Linkins, Kathy: Modeling the Role of Boundary Spanners-in-Practice in the Nondeterministic Model of Engineering Design Activity [Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor (Chair), E.Figa, R.Anderson (external), I. Klaver (external)]

Obitade, PeterAn Examination of the Role of Corporate Governance Structure in the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems : An International Perspective. [Committee: Drs. M. Wheeler (Chair), C.Koh (external), T.Mantecon (external)]

Polyakov, SerhiyEnhancing User Search Experience in Digital Libraries with Rotated Latent Semantic Indexing . [Committee: Drs. N. Evangelopoulos (Co-Chair, external) and W. Moen (Co-chair), Dr. J.Chen]

Priyanto, IdaReadiness of Indonesian Academic Libraries for Open Access and Open Access Repositories Implementation: A Study onIndonesian Open Access Repositories Registered in OpenDOAR. [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), J.Kim, D.Alemneh (external)]

Ruthledge, HannahPatient Family and Hospital Staff Information Needs at a Pediatric Hospital: An Analysis of Information Requests Received by the Family Resource Libraries. [Committee: Drs. S. Miksa (Chair), A.Cleveland, G.Knezek (external)]


Algarni, MohammedThe Use of Social Media in Informal Scientific Communication Among Scholars : Modeling the Modern Invisible College. [Committee: Drs.S. Miksa (Chair), B.Schultz-Jones, T.Tyler-Wood]

Hall, NathanFaculty Attitudes towards Institutional Repositories. [Committee: Drs.B. O'Connor (Chair), A.Cleveland, S.Warren]

Horne, StephanieIdentifying Key Success Factors for the Implementations of Enterprise Content Management Systems. [Committee: Drs.S.Hawamdeh, O. Zavalina, M. Jones]

Masten, KathrynToward a Grounded Theory of Community Networking. [Committee: Drs.L. Schamber (Chair), C. Caragea, R. West, H.Rosenbaum (external member)]

Morgan, DeanneAssessing Terrorist Cyber Threats: Creating a Functional Construct. [Committee: Drs.B. O'Connor (Chair), B. Chilton, A. Yayla (external member)]

Pettit, AlexDevelopment and Validation of an Instrument to Operationalize Information System Requirements Capabilities. [Committee: Drs.L. Kappelman (Chair), R.Pavur, B.O'Connor]

Prybutok, GayleAn Integrative Model of eHealth Communication: A Study of 18-30 Year Old College Students. [Committee: Drs.A. Cleveland (Chair), B.O'Connor, C. Koh]

Senn, WilliamAn Empirical Study of Quality and Satisfaction with a Focus on Creating a Parsimonious Measurement Instrument in an Information Space. [Committee: Drs.G. Oyarce (Chair), A.Clark, V. Prybutok]

Spiker, ChanceExploring Factors that Lead to Perceived Instructional Immediacy in Online Learning Environments. [Committee: Drs.S. Miksa (Chair), B.Richardson, K. Anderson-Lain]

Stephens, WendyThe Influence of Engagement with Graphic Narrayive Text Formats on Student Attitudes towards the School Library. [Committee: Drs.Y. Du (Chair), J.Hilbun, L. Lin]

Sutcliffe, TamiExploring Naming Behavior in Personal Digital Image Collections: The Iconology and Language Games of Pinterest. [Committee: Drs.B. O'Connor (Chair), L.Schamber, S. Miksa]

Van Bebber, MarionThe Denial of Relevance: Biography of a Quest(ion) Amidst the Min(d)fields -- Groping and Stambling. [Committee: Drs.B.O'Connor (Chair), J. Duban, J. Kearns]


Altunbas, Fuat: Social media use in policing: a study of Dallas-Fort Worth Area City Police Departments. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor (Chair), G.Oyarce, S.Warren]

Bone, Tonda: Bridging the theory-to-practice gap: a mixed methods study exploring the effects of a graduate online learning environment modeled on a community of practice framework. [Committee: Drs. E.Figa (Chair), B.Schultz-Jones, L.Smith (external member from UIUC)]

Can, Ahmet: Organizational justice perception and its effects on knowledge sharing: a case study of forensic experts in the Turkish National Police. [Committee: Drs. S.Hawamdeh (Chair), G.Oyarce, M.Davis]

Gupta, Kailash: Seeking information in managing mass fatalities: a case study of the Haiti 2010 earthquake. [Committee: Drs. N.Moro (Chair), A.Cleveland, G. Oyarce]

Kim, EunGi: Implications of punctuation mark normalization on text retrieval. [Committee: Drs. W.Moen (Chair), B.O'Connor, C.Wasson]

Kurtenbach, John: Adolescent task management: multitasking and social media in the student search process. [Committee: Drs. B.Schultz-Jones (Chair), L.Lin, D. Smith]

Lee, Jisu: Graduate students' collaborative information seeking in a group-based learning setting. [Committee: Drs. L.Schamber & J.Kim (Co-chairs), Y.Du]

McMillan, Tyson: Web information behaviors of users interacting with a metadata navigator. [Committee: Drs. G.Oyarce (Chair), L.Lin, R.Alex]

Muwanguzi, Samuel: The Adoption of Open Source Software In Uganda: A Pragmatist Approach To The Formation of A National Information Policy For A New Technology . [Committee: Drs. B.Moen (Chair), L. Schamber, B. Richardson, L.Lin]

Reed, Richard: The Information Politics Assessment Scale (IPAS): Developing and Testing An Instrument to Measure and Identify the Information Politics of Organizations . [Committee: Drs. Grant MIles (Chair), Robin Henson, L. Schamber]

White, Mel: Information Seeking Behaviors in a Population of Assistive Mobility Device Users. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor (Chair), A. Cleveland, B.Davenport]


Cox, Trissa: Factors associated with behavioral intention to disclose personal information on geosocial networking applications. [Committee: Drs. L.Schamber (Chair), S.Miksa, L.Patton]

Eren, Murat: Knowledge-sharing practices among Turkish peacekeeping officers. [Committee: Drs. G.Oyarce (Chair), A.Celik, B.O'Connor, S. Hawamdeh]

Oyarce, Sara: In pursuit of image: how we think about photographs we seek. [Committee: Drs. B. O'Connor(Chair), R.Anderson, J.Iaia]

Pan, Xuequn: The role of tasks in Internet health information searching of Chinese graduate students. [Committee: Drs. A.Cleveland (Chair), D.Cleveland, J.Chen, C.-L.Chng (external member from Kinesiology department]

Philbrick, Jodi: A study of the competencies needed of entry-level academic health sciences librarians. [Committee: Drs. A.Cleveland (Chair), Y.Chandler, L.Thompson, R. Wilhelm]

Sharber, Shelli: Blogging and tweens: communication portal to reading selection and engagement. [Committee: Drs. E.Figa (Chair), C.Thomas, B.Schultz-Jones]

Vassilieva, Elena: Web content authorship: academic librarians in web content management. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor (Chair), R.Busby, S.Hastings]


Alajmi, Mohammad: Modeling students' perceptions of Web 2.0 technologies adoption in Kuwait. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor (Chair), G.Oyarce, A.Rorissa]

Angchun, Peemasak: Factors related to the selection of information sources: a study of Ramkhamhaeng University Regional Campuses graduate students. [Committee: Drs. P.Turner (Chair), L.Lin, D.Alemneh]

Cakar, Bekir: Factors affecting police officer’s acceptance of GIS technologies: a study of the Turkish National Police. [Committee: Drs. M.Ruiz (Chair), G.Oyarce, B.Hunter]

Chuenchom, Sutthinan: User-centered evaluation of the quality of blogs. [Committee: Drs. J.Chen (Chair), M.Ruiz, S. Warren, O.Zavalina]

Lewis, Elise: Image representation and interactivity: an exploration of utility values, information-needs and image interactivity.[Committee: Drs. S.Miksa (Chair), P.Turner, T.Crews]

Snow, Karen: A study of the perception of cataloging quality among catalogers in academic libraries. [Committee: Drs. S.Miksa (Chair), W.Moen, S.Hall-Ellis]

Tombul, Fatih: The impact of leadership styles and knowledge sharing on police officers’ willingness to exert extra effort to provide better security: a study in the riot unit of the Turkish National Police. [Committee: Drs. J.Chen (Chair), G.Oyarce, B.O'Connor]

Xu, Hong: Factors affecting faculty use of learning object repositories: a case study of orange grove and Wisc-Online. [Committee: Drs. W.Moen (Chair), H.Totten, L. Schamber, C. Wasson]

Guclu, Idris: Information-seeking behavior of police officers in the Turkish National Police. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor & L. Schamber (Co-Chairs), M.Ruiz, S.Ozeren]

Yildirim, Idris: Information-seeking behavior of digital evidence examiners. [Committee: Drs. L.Schamber (Chair), B.O'Connor, G.Oyarce]


Baker, Rebecca Dawn: Comparing the readability of text displays on paper, e-book readers, and small screen devices. [Committee: Drs. C.Norris (Chair), D.Ennis-Cole, B. O'Connor, R. Pavur]

Carroll, Margaret AbyUsing financial rankings to identify characteristics of libraries serving highly profitable private law firms: implications for evidence-based librarianship. [Committee: Drs. Y.Chandler (Chair), A.Cleveland, L.Taylor, L.Enoch]

Demircioglu, Mehmet: Information seeking behavior of crime scene investigators in Turkish National Police. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor (Chair), M.Ruiz, S.Ozeren]

Kilic, Osman: Information literacy skills in the workplace: a study on police officers. [Committee: Drs. J.Chen (Chair), M.Ruiz, J.Hilbun, L. Schamber]

Odabasi, Mehmet: User acceptance of North Central Texas Fusion Center Systems by law enforcement officers. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor (Chair), J.Chen, S.Terrell]

Slagle, Tisha: The situational small world of a post-disaster community : insights into information behaviors after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in Slidell, Louisiana. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor (Chair), D.McEntire, H.Totten]

Tatil, Serkan: Effects of tasks on information-seeking behavior in a police work environment in the context of criminal intelligence. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor (Chair), J.Chen, S.Ozeren]

Thomas, Julie: Information censorship : a comparative analysis of newspaper coverage of the Iyllands-Posten editorial caricatures in cross-cultural settings. [Committee: Drs. B.O'Connor & F.M. Land (Co-Chairs), J.Lambiase]

Wyatt, Erin: Middle school students in virtual learning environments. [Committee: Drs. E.Figa (Chair), B.O'Connor, G.Bush]

Recent Proposals

IS PhD doctoral candidates have recently defended the following dissertation proposals and are currently working on the following dissertation research projects:

Alharbi, Mohannad. The Security Aspects of Users' Information Sharing in Social Media.

Alkhaledi, Reem. Electronic Health Record Systems and Cyber Hygiene: Awareness, Knowledge and Practices Among Physicians In Kuwait.

Alvarado, Angela. Information Seeking Behaviors of Rural Community-Based Hospice Social Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for Understanding.

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