Annual Review

All doctoral students and doctoral candidates must complete this mandatory annual review at the end of each academic year in the IS PhD Program. The review process is designed to benefit both you and the program. Annual Review is intended to help ensure successful completion of the program by having you rate your own progress, reflect on your goals and problems, and inform us of your accomplishments. It also contribute to overall program improvement based on your feedback on the quality of advising, curriculum, research, teaching, etc. It also helps the IS PhD Program Office collect data for official reports to the department, college and the university as part of UNT's initiative to maintain its Tier 1 Research University status.

Annual Review Process

  1. Create an online portfolio. Specific instructions will be sent to each students' UNT email address. 
  2. Complete and submit the Annual Review survey. In the survey, you will review your progress to date and describe your goals and any challenges. You will attach your updated CV at the end of the Annual Review survey.
  3. When needed, login to MyUNT and access your unofficial transcript. While there, please check your contact information in MyUNT and update, if necessary.

If a student makes satisfactory progress or better, the student continues in the program. If the progress is unsatisfactory, the IS PhD Program Office and student's major professor will schedule a counseling meeting with the student to create a plan and schedule for improvement. If at the end of the improvement plan period, the progress is again unsatisfactory, the recommendation is submitted to the program director that the student be dismissed from the program. If the program director approves the recommendation for dismissal, the student has the right to appeal the decision at college and university levels (see Graduate Catalog). Once a decision to dismiss is final, the student cannot be readmitted to the IS PhD Program. The Graduate School reclassifies the student as non-degree-seeking, and the student can apply to a different program at UNT or elsewhere.

Policy and Progress Resources for Students

Bear in mind that students are responsible for understanding and adhering to policies, procedures, and deadlines of the university, college, program, and courses. Primary sources for UNT are:

Other published resources are those of the college, department, the program, and individual courses (e.g., syllabi). Please understand the rules before seeking help, and then seek help from the appropriate authorities, specifically

  • Academic advisor/program associate director
  • Faculty committee chair/members
  • Instructors
  • Administrators