Information Science Forms


General Practicum Application
Legal Practicum Application
Digital Imaging Practicum Application
Practicum/Field Experience Request for Waiver

(This form must be submitted and approved the semester prior to the semester in which you take the EOP Exam or the semester PRIOR to the last semester of study)
Health Informatics Field Experience Forms

Internship/Field Experience Application

Internship/Field Experience Site Evaluation

Internship/Field Experience Student Performance Evaluation

Non-Medical Informatics Field Experience Forms

Practicum/Field Experience Application

Practicum/Field Experience Site Evaluation

Practicum/Field Experience Student Performance Evaluation


School Librarian Certification

Proficiency Checklist (For students who enrolled in courses prior to Summer 2020)

Practicum Student Task Checklist (For students who enrolled in courses for the first time in Summer 2020 and subsequent semesters)

Request a School Library Certification Mentor

Apply to become a School Library Certification Mentor


Graduate Academic Certificates

Application for Concurrent Graduate Academic Certificate Programs
Request for Graduate Academic Certificate of Completion