Request a School Library Certification Mentor

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Reason for Mentor Request
Are you requesting a mentor for the first time, or are you requesting to change your mentor?

If you are requesting to change your mentor please explain why:

Student Contact Information
Student Employment Status
Is your primary interest in elementary or secondary school libraries?
Designated Contact Person

There are several Districts and Regions in Texas where you, the student, are placed with a mentor ONLY by going through one Designated Contact Person. That person determines which librarians in the area can best serve as mentors to students for the completion of the practical requirement of this certification/masters.

If you have made arrangements for a mentor with the Designated Contact Person for a region or school district that assigns mentors, please select the school district, below. Once a mentor has been assigned to you by the district, please complete the approved mentor information section below before submitting this application.

Approved Mentor Information

If you are seeking a mentor in a school district, or region, that DOES NOT have a Designated Contact Person please complete the information below once you have contacted an approved UNT mentor and requested they will act as your mentor.

The mentor you are requesting must appear in the List of Approved School Library Certification Mentors. If they are not on the approved list, then they must Apply to be a Mentor in the School Library Certification Program  before you may request them as your mentor.

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