Application Procedures for Information Science Scholarships


Application process

  1. Click Apply for IS Scholarships during the application period.
  2. Fill out a general application.
  3. Search for “Library” or other relevant terms to find IS scholarships.
  4. Peruse the eligibility requirements for the various scholarships. Please make note of any special requirements. The scholarship committee and IS will verify this information. Applications that do not provide correct information will be disregarded.

General Guidelines

  1. The entire IS scholarship award process is overseen by the Department of Information Science Scholarship and Awards Committee and the IS budget office. All policies and procedures are in compliance with the UNT Departmental Scholarship Office and the UNT Financial Aid office.
  2. Students should apply only to those scholarships for which they are qualified. IS cannot award scholarships to non-qualified applicants. Students should not apply for every scholarship. No student qualifies for all scholarships. Applications that blanket-check every scholarship will not be considered.
  3. Criteria for selection and award includes, but is not limited to: completeness of application, current and past graduate and undergraduate GPA, admission status, strength of application letter. Awards are not based on need. 
  4. While it is possible a student may meet the criteria for several scholarships, only one scholarship will be awarded to a recipient per academic year.
  5. The Scholarship and Awards Committee will not acknowledge receipt of scholarship materials sent by students.
  6. Scholarships are awarded as funding permits. Due to finite funding, some applicants may not be awarded a scholarship.
  7. Departmental competitive scholarships may count against a student’s FAFSA limits, and awards may be reduced or denied by the UNT Financial Aid Office. 
  8. Failure to maintain enrollment or GPA as required by the scholarship will result in forfeiture of the scholarship and may require repayment of any disbursed funds.
  9. In cases where a student qualifies for multiple awards, the Scholarship Committee reserves the right to determine which scholarship is awarded. 
  10. IS scholarships do not automatically renew for multiple academic years. Students must re-apply each academic year during the appropriate application window.
  11. Receipt of a Department of Information Sciences competitive scholarship does not automatically waive out-of-state tuition status. There are many variables involved in waiver eligibility, which is determined at the time of award.  
  12. Applications must be submitted using the UNT Eagle Scholarship Portal.
  13. Award information will not be dispensed in any manner prior to the distribution of award notices. 
  14. Award recipients are required to sign an award acceptance letter and furnish a letter of thanks to the scholarship donor. Instructions to that effect are included in the award notice sent to students.