MS-IS in Information Systems

The Program of Study in Information Systems prepares students for positions that require technical knowledge and skills. The POS gives students a strong foundation in system analysis, system design, IT project management, databases and enterprise infrastructure. Today, employers are seeking professionals who can demonstrate creative ideas and have the ability to use information technology to further their business goals. They must gain the basic skills and technical competencies that will enable them to properly deploy and utilize technology in their organization at different levels. Completion of the program of study provides students with the basic skills and competencies that will enable them to support their organization to gain strategic and tactical competitive advantage. Courses offered in this POS are a blend of hands-on experience and theory as well as classroom instruction with the flexibility of online delivery.

General Requirements

  1. Total coursework of 36 credit hours (12 courses).
  2. Enroll in INFO 5090 (practicum), unless officially waived based on previous professional and industry experience.
  3. Complete the End of Program Assessment - During the final semester before graduation, enroll, take, and pass the comprehensive examination OR complete two Advanced Seminar courses (INFO 5970 & INFO 5980) during your last semesters before graduation. 

Required Courses (9 hours)

INFO 5000 – Information and Knowledge Professions
INFO 5200 – Information Organization
INFO 5600 – Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry

​A grade of B or higher must be earned in all 3 core courses. 

Guided Electives (Information Science Major)

Completion of at least two of the following major prescribed courses (6 hours) with the guidance of the academic advisor:


INFO 5206 – Information Retrieval and Design

INFO 5305 – System Analysis and Design
INFO 5306 – Project Management for Information Systems
INFO 5707 – Data Modeling for Information Professionals

INFO 5731 – Computational Methods for Information Systems

Completion of at least four courses (12 hours) from the categories listed below with the guidance of the academic advisor. It is also required that each student complete at least one course from the following:

INFO 5206 – Information Retrieval Design

INFO 5224 – Metadata and Networked Information Organization & Retrieval II (Advanced Topics in Metadata) 

INFO 5305 – Systems Analysis and Design

INFO 5306 – Project Management for Information Systems
INFO 5707 – Data Modeling for Information Professionals
INFO 5713 – Telecommunications and Information Professionals
INFO 5717 – Dynamic WWW Control Structures
INFO 5730 – Microcomputer Applications for Information Management

INFO 5735 - Usability & User Experience Assessment

INFO 5737 - Information Security and Cyber Security 
INFO 5745 – Information Architecture
INFO 5815 – Topics on Digital Images for Information Professionals

General Electives

Additional three elective courses (9 hours) selected from the catalog or transferred from other programs with the approval of the academic advisor.

Students who are pursuing the Distributed Learning Librarianship POS, are strongly recommended to take INFO 5300 and INFO 5400 as their LS major prescribed courses

Further information concerning these requirements may be obtained through the department.

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