MS-IS General Program of Study

The General program of study in Information Science is intended to prepare graduates to succeed in a wide range of positions in both private and public organizations. It enables students to participate in the design and development of information services and systems, and provide leadership and demonstrate theoretical knowledge of information science and its application in different fields. Students are required to complete the three program core courses, two major core courses and at least four courses from the areas of study listed below.

General Requirements

  1. Total coursework of 36 credit hours (12 courses).
  2. Enrollment in INFO 5090 (practicum), unless officially waived based on previous professional and industry experience.
  3. Completion of the Capstone Experience.

Required Courses (9 hours)

INFO 5000 – Information and Knowledge Professions
INFO 5200 – Information Organization
INFO 5600 – Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry

A grade of B or higher must be earned in all 3 core courses. 

Guided Electives (Information Science Major)

Completion of at least two of the following major prescribed courses (6 hours) with the guidance of the academic advisor:

INFO 5305: System Analysis and Design
INFO 5306: Project Management for Information Systems
INFO 5707: Data Modeling for Information Professionals
INFO 5814: Web Content Development and Maintenance
Computer Programming Course or Equivalent

Completion of at least four courses (12 hours) from the categories listed below with the guidance of the academic advisor. It is also required that each student completes at least one course from each of the following areas:

Information Behavior and Digital Content Management

INFO 5020 – Economics of Information
INFO 5040 – Human Information Behavior
INFO 5080 – Research Methods and Analysis
INFO 5224 – Metadata and Networked Information Organization & Retrieval II (Advanced Topics in Metadata) 
INFO 5230 – Document and Records Management
INFO 5347 – Digital Citizenship
INFO 5740 – Introduction to Digital Libraries
INFO 5440 – Storytelling for Information Professionals
INFO 5441 – Advanced Storytelling
INFO 5415 – Graphic Novels and Comics
INFO 5410 – Adult Material and Reading Interest
INFO 5810 – Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery

Information Technologies

INFO 5711 – Internet Applications, Services, & Management for Information Professionals
INFO 5712 – Horizon Technologies for Library and Information Centers
INFO 5713 – Telecommunications for Information Professionals
INFO 5720 – Instructional Materials Production and Use (EC-12 School Library Certification course)
INFO 5750 – Managing Library Automation Projects
INFO 5745 – Information Architecture
INFO 5845 – Creating Online Content for Youth Services
INFO 5717 – Dynamic WWW Control Structures
INFO 5814 – Web Content Development and Maintenance
INFO 5815 – Digital Imaging for Information Professionals

Management, Administration and Specialized Information Services

INFO 5300 – Management of Information Agencies
INFO 5302 – Advanced Management of Information Agencies
INFO 5303 – Financial and Human Resource Management in Information Agencies
INFO 5305 – Systems Analysis and Design
INFO 5306 – Project Management for Information Systems
INFO 5340 – Learning Resource Centers and Services (EC-12 School Library Certification course)
INFO 5330 – Academic Libraries
INFO 5360 – Special Libraries and Information Centers
INFO 5320 – Public Libraries
INFO 5366 – Law Library Management
INFO 5367 – Music Libraries and Information Services
INFO 5365 – Health Sciences Information Management

Knowledge Organization, Access and Retrieval

INFO 5205 – Information Indexing, Abstracting and Retrieval
INFO 5223 – Metadata for Information Organization and Retrieval I
INFO 5208 – Learning Resources Organization and Media (EC-12 School Library Certification course)
INFO 5210 – Resource Description and Access I
INFO 5220 – Resource Description and Access II
INFO 5400 – Information Resources Development
INFO 5206 – Information Retrieval Design
INFO 5224 – Metadata for Information Organization & Retrieval II (Advanced Topics in Metadata) 
INFO 5420 – Literature for Youth
INFO 5425 – Trends and Issues in Literature for Children & Young Adults
INFO 5615 – Electronic Databases and Information Services
INFO 5620 – Information and Access Services in the Humanities
INFO 5630 – Information and Access Services in Science and Technology
INFO 5640 – Information and Access Services in the Social Sciences
INFO 5646 – Information and Access Services in Business
INFO 5660 – Government Information and Access Services
INFO 5685 – Information Resources and Services in Culturally Diverse Communities

General Electives

Additional three elective courses (9 hours) selected from the catalog or transferred from other programs with the approval of the academic advisor.

School Librarian Certification students should see the respective program pages for specific requirements, as their options may differ from other programs.

Further information concerning these requirements may be obtained through the department.