Youth Services in Libraries and Information Agencies

NOTE: As of fall 2022, the title of this certificate was changed to "Children's and Young Adult Library and Community Services". Students who first enrolled in the program in the Fall 2022 semester and beyond should visit the following page for the most recent degree plan.

100% Online Program: Four Web-based courses

Awards a Certificate Suitable for Framing with the Certificate Credential Appearing on the Official University Transcript.


An American Library Association study produced a document entitled Public Libraries as Partners in Youth Development, which outlines the need for library professionals in the youth services area. In response to this need, the University of North Texas, College of Information - Department of Information Science is pleased to offer the first Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services in Libraries and Information Settings in the nation. The Academic Certificate is approved by the UNT Toulouse Graduate School and is aligned with the national Council on Graduate School guidelines. Academic certificates are a growth area in higher education and this program offers Master’s-level courses focused on establishing a core of knowledge in literature, services, programs, and information organization for youth. The courses required are offered year-round and are taught by a team of full-time graduate professors who specialize in courses targeted to the youth population.  

(This academic certificate DOES NOT prepare one to work in a school library setting. Students interested in School Librarianship should follow the School Library Certification program.) 

The Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services program is intended for two audiences:

1. Master’s degreed library and information science professionals who want to develop expertise in youth services in libraries or other settings and receive a Graduate Academic Certificate.

2. Bachelor’s or Master’s degreed individuals who want to develop or enhance their knowledge of youth services in libraries or other settings by taking Master’s-level courses and receiving a Graduate Academic Certificate.

Important Notice:

  • The Graduate Academic Certificate in Youth Services is NOT the same as School Library Certification and should NOT be taken by teachers seeking state certification for school libraries.
  • If you are a teacher seeking state certification for school librarianship or if you ever want to work in a school library, you must apply to the School Library Certification.

Required Courses

Four courses are required for a total of 12 Hours

  1. INFO 5420 - Literature for Youth (3 hours). Survey of literature and media, including multicultural and multiethnic materials. Wide reading and use of materials for children and young adults.
  2. INFO 5400 - Information Resources Development (3 hours). Principles and methods of evaluating, selecting and acquiring different kinds of information resources. Development and maintenance of information collections. Bibliographic tools and online databases. Searching and verification; publishers and publishing; censorship issues; acquisition processes. Representative research, problems and practice.
    INFO 5405 Advanced Information Resources Development (3 hours). Advanced study of current problems and practices in collection development and management, with emphasis on evaluation techniques and the development of cost-effective policies and procedures for maintaining collections. Individual investigation of selected problems and practices.  This course is an EC-12 school library certification course. 
  3. INFO 5440 - Storytelling for Information Professionals (3 hours). Storytelling ethnography, history, theory, methods, and bibliographic resources. Story research, analysis, selection, adaptation, and preparation. Oral performance development and audience dynamics. Program planning, implementation, evaluation, and grant writing for schools, libraries or other information settings.
  4. One of the following:
    1. INFO 5208 - Learning Resources Organization and Media (3 hours). Organization of print and nonprint collections, including descriptive cataloging, Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Dewey Decimal Classification, Library of Congress and Sears Subject Headings, and MARC records. Media and media services, including media services to special populations. Library automation systems and their management.  This course is an EC-12 school library certification course. 
    2. INFO 5210 - Organization and Control of Information Resources I (3 hours). Descriptive cataloging and subject analysis of different kinds of information resources. Anglo-American Cataloging Rules; Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification systems; vocabulary control; subject headings; principles and techniques of catalog construction, maintenance and use; information indexing and retrieval; use of on-line databases; representative research, problems and practice.
    3. INFO 5445 - History and Culture of Youth Information Services (3 hours). History of youth services librarianship. Theory and methods of ethnographic evaluation. Community assessment and interviews. Users and designers of youth information services and systems. Current trends.
    4. INFO 5685 - Information Resources and Services in Culturally Diverse Communities (3 hours). Seminar in information resources and services for ethnic cultural minorities. Issues in the provision of information services to ethnic cultural minority communities. Study of the needs and cultural milieu of these communities. Materials and methods for serving these groups.
    5. Another course negotiated with the advisor.

All 12 hours of coursework taken for this Academic Certificate can be applied toward the Master’s Program in the Department of Information Science. The Department of Information Science offers a Master's Degree in Library Science or Information Science with a concentration in Youth Librarianship as well as seven other concentrations. The Master's degree requires 36 hours of course work for completion. Information about tuition and fee rate schedules for the Academic Certificate courses can be found on the Student Accounting and Cashiering Services website.

Once You Are Admitted

Once admitted, you will be assigned an advisor who will assist you in getting enrolled for classes and beginning the Graduate Academic Certificate Program.

Note: If you are a current IS Master’s student and you are applying for a GAC, please complete the Application for Concurrent Graduate Academic Certificate Programs (EUID and UNT password login required) so that your academic certificate program will show up on your transcript. If you do not complete the form before your graduating semester, the Toulouse Graduate School will not accept your request for the certificate.

Academic Certificate Completion Form and Request to Receive Your Certificate

Once you complete your course work, please submit the Request for Graduate Academic Certificate of Completion form to receive your certificate.

Contact Information

Title Contact E-mail
Coordinator Dr. Sarah Evans
Asst. Dir., Student Support Services Rachel Hall
Department Chair Dr. Jiangping Chen