VT-NH-ME Cohort Courses

Schedule of Courses

Spring 2020

  • INFO 5000 Information and Knowledge Professions
  • INFO 5600 Information Access & Knowledge Inquiry

The cohort will meet at the Manchester City Library, New Hampshire on January 11-12, 2020 for onsite instruction. There will be social events in the evening and students are encouraged to attend these.  The remainder of the instruction will be via the Web.

Summer 2020

  • INFO 5200 Information Organization
  • INFO 5300 Management of Information Agencies

Fall 2020 through Fall 2021

Students will take electives delivered via the Web by UNT and from approved local programs to total 36 semester credit hours.

*INFO 5000, INFO 5600, and INFO 5200 are core courses required of all students.