Student - Mentor Responsibilities


Student Responsibilities

Mentor Responsibilities

Initiate contact with a district contact for mentor placement if a district contact is in place for the ISD.

Respond to district contact.

Initiate contact with mentor, either identified by the district contact or identified through other contacts and research.

Respond to student with a scheduled time to meet to discuss the student’s needs and mentor availability.

Share practicum checklist and education requirements with mentor:

-       School library certification only

-       Masters Degree with school library certification

-       Schedule of required coursework


Arrange a mutually agreeable schedule for meeting/conversing regularly with the mentor.


Contact may include, but is not restricted to:

  • Email (counts for 15-30 minutes)
  • Phone conversations
  • Skype or GoToTraining interactions
  • Personal interface in the library

Review practicum checklist and student schedule of coursework.


Understand that the student’s schedule of coursework will help determine activities and programs that the student can accomplish during any given semester.


Arrange a mutually agreeable schedule for meeting/conversing regularly with the mentor.




Record contact hours and hours spent at scheduled school library related events in a spreadsheet and upload to ePortfolio.


Maintain the count of hours and communicate these to the mentor monthly so there is agreement when the total required hours is met.

Assist student in developing a schedule of hours spent in the library and the goals to be accomplished.


Verify student’s record of contact hours.

Discuss observation assignments with mentors ahead of the assignment delivery and following the receipt of UNT feedback.



Discuss observation of assignments with students to provide coaching, suggestions, encouragement.


Review completion of the observation and UNT feedback with the student to provide additional insight and encouragement.

Ensure that the practicum checklist is complete and submit to mentor for final signature

Complete the checklist throughout the process and sign the completed document; return to the student.

Submit the completed Practicum Checklist

Complete and upload a final Evaluation Document.

Courses and possible assignments to meet observation requirement:


5720 - Instructional Materials Production and Use: The AV Checklist assignment requires students to demonstrate the ability to use various audiovisual technologies. The mentor will be instrumental in observing and verifying the ability to use the technology.


5405 - Collection Development and Analysis: Design and teach a 30 minute lesson or workshop that can be videotaped for submission and/or observed in person by UNT Field Supervisor.


5420 - Literature for Youth: Storytime for K-4 or a booktalk for Grade 5+; either can be videotaped or observed in person by UNT Field Supervisor.


5050 - Trends and Practices in School Libraries: Design and delivery of the first segment of a guided inquiry research lesson for high school. Videotaped or observed in person by UNT Field Supervisor.


5340 - School Library Management: The School Library Policy Discussion requires the student to analyze policy statements. The mentor will be instrumental in assisting students to gather and interpret the policies. The Survey assignment requires students to develop a survey based on a topic related to the administration of a school library program. The mentor can assist students with identifying a topic and developing the survey.