Deficiency Plans

The official deficiency plan is obtained from the UNT Educator Preparation Office in the College of Education (COE). Allow for a 2-week processing time after receipt of your submitted official deficiency plan request. Deficiency Plans are only available to students once they have begun their coursework.

NOTE: School districts may not accept a certification/deficiency plan without students having completed 12 semester credit hours of School Library Certification courses. The College of Education and the College of Information do NOT provide updates at the end of every semester. It is the student's responsibility to provide updated transcripts to school districts in which you apply for employment, to show progress in your program.

If you are not currently employed with a school district, an official plan is not necessary unless you are actively seeking employment. Those who choose to finish their program prior to seeking employment do NOT need an official certification/deficiency plan.

How to Apply for a Deficiency Plan

Standard professional certifications: ALL-LEVEL SCHOOL LIBRARIAN

Please submit the following items to the Educator Preparation Office for your professional certification (deficiency) plan:

  1. Official transcripts of any COUN, EDSP, or INFO coursework TRANSFERRED in to UNT that will count toward the certification requirements. If all of your coursework for ed. diagnostician, school librarian, or counselor was done at UNT, the COE does not need any transcripts.
  2. A copy of your master's degree plan or deficiency plan worksheet from your department (INFO, COUN, etc.). Worksheets for most INFO students who have taken any INFO coursework are already on file.
  3. A copy of your teacher service record showing 2 years of creditable experience as a classroom teacher. Your district's personnel office can FAX this document to the attention of Ann Miller at (940) 565 - 2921. If you have many years at multiple districts, you may send one record that shows two years’ experience (If you submitted documents to the College of Information School Librarian program, The College of Education has no way of accessing these documents.)
  4. The Deficiency Plan Request Form from the following link (See the Important Links section): (Links to an external site). When you open the link, you must click the login button at the top left corner to proceed.

You may submit all materials via fax, email, or mail to the address listed below. Note: If you submit a deficiency plan request via the College of Education website, send an email to Elizabeth Dracobly ( informing her that you have done so.

UNT College of Education
Educator Preparation Office
Attn: Elizabeth Dracobly
P.O. Box #311337
Denton, TX 76203
940-565-2921 FAX

Processing of your request will take approximately 2 weeks (potentially longer during periods of high demand – May, August, & December). Deficiency plans are returned ONLY to the student via their UNT email upon completion. Plans will not be sent to third parties. Students can only request a Deficiency Plan one time. Deficiency plan updates are not provided.