Program Evaluation

Student learning outcomes and students' evaluation of the Master of Science degree program.

The Master of Science with majors in Library Science and Information Science degree program is accredited by the American Library Association. The most recent re-accreditation of the program was granted in June 2020.

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Some data points of our program:

1. Retention Rate: Based on a data analysis of 2017 - 2020 student retention, average retention rate within a year after the students were admitted is 87.55% for MS in Information Science, and 87.03% for MS in Library Science.

2. Average Time to Degree Completion: Based on a data analysis of students who were admitted into the program since 2015 to 2018, the 3-year average percentage to degree completion is 75.62% for MS Information Science students, and 72.42% for MS Library Science students. Average time to degree completion is 2.26 for MS Information Science students, and 2.20 for MS Library Science students.

3. Percentage of Graduates holding positions relevant to the degree within 12 months of degree completion (may include further graduate study): 70.37%.  (This data was obtained through a survey of 294 graduates who graduated in 2020. The response rate was 18%).