Non-Degree Certificate Programs

The Department of Information Science offers a variety of non-degree certificate programs:

School Librarian Certificate >>>

The School Librarian Certification (SLC) program instructs students to become leaders in integrating technology and information literacy in learning. School Librarian Certification requirements vary from state to state, however completion of the required UNT courses is accepted in most states. Certification courses are predetermined and students must take 9 courses or 27 credit hours (including a practicum) in order to receive the SLC certificate. 

Graduate Academic Certificates >>>

  • The Graduate Academic Certificate program is intended for two audiences:
  1. Library and Information Science Professionals: Master’s degreed library and information science professionals who want to develop expertise in management in libraries or other information agencies by taking additional graduate level courses to receive an academic credential.
  2. Other Professionals: Bachelor's or master's degreed individuals who want to develop or enhance their knowledge of management in libraries or other information agencies by taking graduate-level courses to receive an academic credential. 

Graduate Academic Certificates are offered in the following areas:

  • Youth services in libraries and information settings
  • Storytelling
  • Advanced management in libraries and information agencies
  • Archival management
  • Digital content management
  • Digital curation and data management
  • Leadership in professional development in technology for schools (Not currently accepting students)
  • Rural library management

Certificate of Advanced Study >>>

The post-master’s program leading to a Certificate of Advanced Study is offered for those who seek further specialization in a particular aspect of library or information science. Those entering the program prepare for a level of competency beyond that provided by the master’s degree.