MS with School Librarian Certificate

The School Librarian Certificate program can also be completed with the Master of Science in Library Science or Information Science degree program. Students pursuing the M.S. with School Librarian Certification degree program pursue the general program of study within their chosen major (Library Science or Information Science). The general program of study is intended to prepare graduates to succeed in a wide range of library and information science positions.

In addition to the three core courses required for the M.S. degree, students pursuing the M.S. in Library or Information Science with School Librarian Certification must also take one elective course and the School Librarian Certificate courses to complete 39 credit hours of coursework, which includes the practicum. To become a school librarian, you must complete our approved Educator Preparation Program (EPP). To include the School Librarian Certificate, the course selection is predetermined. Other requirements for the School Librarian Certificate are found on the certification pages, therefore please visit the School Librarian Certificate page for more information.

Note: If you are applying for the M.S. and School Librarian Certification, you must choose your major (Library Science or Information Science), and in the Educational Background portion of the ApplyTexas application, indicate "School Librarian Certification" as the Area of Interest. Contact the COI Advising Office at or 940-565-2445, should you have any questions.

General Requirements

  1. Total coursework is 39 credit hours—13 courses. This includes three credit hours of Practicum - INFO 5090, which must be completed. This practicum experience cannot be waived for the School Librarian Certification program.
  2. Completion of the Capstone Experience 

School Librarian Certification varies from state to state but completion of the required sequence of courses listed below has been acceptable to meet the competencies required in all states.

    • If you are an out-of-state student, you will also complete a Practicum experience. The state of Texas does not approve practicum sites outside of the state. Out-of-state students cannot be certified in Texas but should check with their own state regarding certification expectations.  This resource also lists: School Library Certification by State

In Texas, the requirement to work as a School Librarian includes the following:

  1. Two years as an Early Childhood -12th grade classroom teacher.
  2. A master’s degree.
  3. Completion of an approved program in school librarianship (courses must be no more than five years old when application is made for School Librarian Certification).
  4. Passing score on the TExES exam for School Librarianship (exam administered by the state).
Category # of Courses # of credit Hours

Master's Required Core Courses - A grade of B or higher must be earned in all three core courses.

INFO 5000 - Information and Knowledge Professions
INFO 5200 - Information Organization
INFO 5600 - Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry 


9 ( 3 credit hours each)

Elective course

Any graduate course of your choice. Courses outside the program must be approved by an advisor.

  1   3

Certification Courses in Required Sequence

A grade of B or better in all courses is required for certification. Courses include the following:

  1. INFO 5001 School Librarianship
  2. INFO 5720 Instructional Materials Production and Use
    Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5001
  3. INFO 5208 Learning Resources Organization and Media
    Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5001
  4. INFO 5405 Collection Development and Analysis in School Libraries
    Pre-requisite: INFO 5001
  5. INFO 5420 Literature for Youth
    Pre-requisite: INFO 5001
  6. INFO 5050 Trends and Practices in School Librarianship
    Pre-requisite: INFO 5208
  7. INFO 5340 Learning Resource Centers and Services
    Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5050
  8. INFO 5345 School Library Program Development 
    Pre or Co-requisite: INFO 5340

  9. INFO 5090.300 PRACTICUM or INFO 5090.430 (starting fall 2024)
         Should be taken in graduating semester
         Pre or Co-requisite: Info 5345

                  TOTAL COURSEWORK 13 39

Contact Information

If you would like any additional information about our program, please contact the COI Advising Office at or 940-565-2445.