MS Health Informatics Degree Overview

The degree requires a minimum of 36 credit hours for a total of 12 courses.

Students will take:

  • 3 core courses that provide a foundation for health informatics, health data analytics, and health information systems
  • 5 courses of guided electives which focus on advanced topics in health informatics
  • 3 general electives of the student's choice to explore areas of interest
  • 1 Capstone project course to translate learning into practice

Degree plans are designed with the student’s career interests in mind. 

Required Courses, 9 credit hours
  • HINF 5637: Introduction to Health Informatics 
  • HINF 5770: Introduction to Health Data Analytics
  • HINF 5365: Information Systems in Healthcare
Guided Electives, 15 credit hours

Students select 5 courses from the following list: 

  • HINF 5025: Legal & Ethical Issues in Health Informatics
  • INFO 5080: Research Methods and Analysis 
  • HINF 5204: Health Information Terminology and Standards
  • INFO 5306: Project Management for Information Professionals
  • HINF 5506: Artificial Intelligence in Health
  • HINF 5631: Searching for Evidence in Health
  • HINF 5638: Consumer Health Informatics 
  • HINF 5639: Population Health Informatics
  • INFO 5709: Data Visualization and Communication
  • HINF 5771: Applications of Health Data Analytics 
General Electives, 9 credit hours

Students select 3 courses from the following list.  Students may take courses other than the ones listed below with advisor approval. 

  • INFO 5365: Health Librarianship and Informatics
  • INFO 5634: Disaster Management for Information Professionals
  • INFO 5635: Genomics and Translational Medicine for Information Professionals
  • INFO 5636: Community-Based Health Information
  • INFO 5707: Data Modeling for Information Professionals
  • INFO 5737: Information and Cyber-security
  • INFO 5745: Information Architecture
  • INFO 5777: Virtual Reality and its Applications
  • INFO 5810: Data Analysis & Knowledge Discovery
  • INFO 6880: Health Research Methodology
  • HLSV 5300: Health Information Systems
  • HLSV 5400: Health Delivery Systems
Capstone Project, 3 credit hours
  • HINF 5955: Health Informatics Capstone Project

The program offers flexibility for students to choose the course delivery that work best for them – face-to-face, online, and/or hybrid. The program is also offered completely online. 

Students have the option of completing a Graduate Academic Certificate in Health Data Science and/or a Graduate Academic Certificate in Health Information concurrently with the M.S. in Health Informatics. 

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"The Health Informatics program at UNT was instrumental in my career development. The program's comprehensive coursework with real-world applications helped me to navigate the industry and succeed as a health application analyst."

Angela Piccola
Application Analyst
Houston Methodist