MS in Data Science Degree Structure

The automation of various work processes within the organization has resulted in the creation of large digital repositories and big data warehouses that require highly trained data science and data analytic professionals who can transform the growing amount of data and information into actionable knowledge. The ability to manage and manipulate the ever-growing volume of data and digital information will depend largely on the resources and expertise available within the organization that can deal with such a problem.

The Master of Science in Data Science (MS-DS) is designed to address the current market needs for highly skilled data science and data analytics professionals. The program is designed to help graduates gain skills and experience in designing, implementing and transforming data sets into actionable knowledge. It provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to develop competencies in managing data science and analytics projects, and work with data analytics tools and technologies. The program will help educate a new generation of information professionals capable of taking the leadership role through connecting the dots and using data to support strategic initiatives within the organization.

Guided electives, 15 hours

The guided electives are courses with advanced topics in both data science and data analytics. The student can choose from the following courses which concentrate on specific methodologies and tools in data science and data analytics.

Students must take 15 hours from the following list of courses:  (**CSCE courses are not currently available for non CSCE majors for Spring 2020**)