IS-Announce is the Department of Information Science email list. It is an automatic message system that allows the department to send broadcast messages to each person who has elected to join the list. IS-Announce is similar to a newsgroup or forum, except the messages are transmitted as email, and are therefore only available to individuals who subscribe to the list.

This communication tool offers subscribers the opportunity to learn the latest news and receive important announcements.  Many available professional job vacancies are communicated promptly through IS-Announce.  Also, the email list provides an avenue for members to post comments, ask questions or request information.  To make a list request, contact the List Manager.

Subscribe to IS-Announce

Subscription to IS-Announce is easy! Simply send an email to, leave the subject line and the body of the email blank. 

IS-Announce is a moderated email list.  What this means is that any posting to the list will be held until the moderator of the list has approved the posting.  Typically, posting to the list is restricted to faculty and staff.

To be removed from IS-Announce, do NOT post a message to asking to be removed. You must send an email to, leave the subject line and body of the email blank.

Email Interface

Every mailing list has a set of email addresses to which messages can be sent. There's always one address for posting messages to the list, one address to which bounces are sent, and addresses for processing email commands.

this is the email address people should use for new postings to the list.

by sending a message to this address, a new member can request subscription to the list. Both the Subject: header and body of such a message are ignored. Note that is an alias for the -join address.

by sending a message to this address, a member can request unsubscription from the list. As with the -join address, the Subject: header and body of the message is ignored. Note that is an alias for the -leave address.

This address reaches the list owner and list moderators directly. This is the address you use if you need to contact the person or people in charge.

This address reaches a mail robot which processes email commands that can be used to set member subscription options, as well as process other commands. A list of members' email commands is provided in Appendix A.

This address receives bounces from members whose addresses have become either temporarily or permanently inactive. The -bounces address is also a mail robot that processes bounces and automatically disables or removes members as configured in the bounce processing settings. Any bounce messages that are either unrecognized, or do not seem to contain member addresses, are forwarded to the list administrators.

This address is another email robot, which processes confirmation messages for subscription and unsubscription requests.


For changing options, we use the is-announce-request address (for example,

Commands can appear in the subject line or the body of the message. Each command should be on a separate line. If your mail program automatically appends a signature to your messages, you may want to put the word "end" (without the quotes) on a separate line after your other commands. The end command tells Mailman not to process the email after that point.

Commands in the message body must be in a text/plain body part.

The most important command is probably the "help" command, since it makes Mailman return a message full of useful information about the email commands and directions to the web interface.