Department of Information Science Lis and Philip Turner Outstanding Student Paper/Project Awards

The Department of Information Science (IS) offers annual awards for Outstanding Student Paper and Outstanding Student Project. The winning entries each receive an award certificate and $100 at the UNT annual spring Honors Day event. The winning papers and projects will be posted on the IS web site and student paper bulletin board. Honorable mentions will also be recognized and their papers and projects posted.


The student must be enrolled in the Department of Information Science Master’s in Library Science or Information Science Program during the calendar year of the award.

The paper or project must: 

  • Be the result of an assignment in one of the student's IS classes.
  • Be based on either research or informed opinion.
  • Adhere to the citation style of a recognized style manual, if applicable.

A project is defined as an assignment in which the student exerted effort beyond or different from literature-based research. Examples are development and implementation of a library program or presentation; design and prototyping of information system software; or collection and analysis of empirical data.


The IS Scholarship and Awards Committee (SAC) will publicize the competition each semester.

Nominations may occur two ways:

  • Instructors may of their own initiative submit an entry after receiving written permission from the student/author. Instructors are limited to two entries per course per semester during the calendar year.
  • Students may ask instructors to nominate their papers or projects. Students are limited to two entries per calendar year.


Students or instructors must submit to the Chair, SAC one electronic version of each entry. Electronic versions must be readable using common software such as Word or PowerPoint.  Along with the submission of their paper, students must complete the award release/entry form, which grants the Department permission to post entries on the DIS Web site and student paper bulletin board and provides the student's contact information.  Download the form here.   Print, sign, scan, and return to the Chair, Student Affairs Committee at or to the committee chair’s departmental mail box.

Submissions must be received by March 11 of the year following the calendar year of the award.
Entries and release/entry forms should be submitted to the Chair, Student Affairs Committee at


Entries will be judged by faculty members of the SAC Committee based on five criteria: (1) originality of thought and observation; (2) topicality and professional significance; (3) depth, breadth and organization of content; (4) readability, clarity and creativity of expression; and (5) documentation of bibliographic resources.

Judging will be completed by March 28th and winners notified soon afterward.
The Committee may withhold presentation of an award if no paper or project of sufficient quality is identified.

Lis and Philip Turner Outstanding Student Paper/Project Award winners for 2017

Cataloging to Support Equitable Access to Spanish Language Materials
By Melissa Freiley, INFO 5210

Classic Crime Film DVD Collection: Information Organization System
By Erica Huff, INFO 5200

Digital Library Review: AHPN (Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional)
By Lynda Letona, INFO 5740

The International Standard Book Number: A Success Story
By Cara Tareilo Stoneham