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College of Information - Department of Information Science

Personal Information
Type of Application
Credentials (School Library Certification)

If you are NOT pursuing a School Library Certification, leave this section blank. 

In order to be recommended for certification as a Texas school librarian you must have:

  • Completed TWO YEARS as an early childhood-12th grade classroom teacher in a public or accredited private school (These two years may be earned concurrently with the pursuit of school library certification);
  • A master’s degree;
  • Completed an approved program in librarianship (courses must be no more than five years old when application is made for School Library Certification);
  • A passing score on the TExES exam for School Librarianship (exam administered by the state).
State in which your current valid teaching certificate was issued.
Please enter the last degree and area of study you earned.

NOTICE TO STUDENTS: TX House Bill 1508 requires Educator Preparation Programs to notify all applicants and enrollees that a felony conviction may make you ineligible for certification upon program completion. The law requires that this information be provided without regard to whether the person has been convicted of a criminal offense. You may review current guidelines used by the Texas Education Agency to determine certification eligibility on the TEA’s website at You also have the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter from TEA. The process and form are available at It is also possible that some school districts will not permit individuals with misdemeanor or felony convictions to complete fieldwork on their campuses. By your initials and/or signature you agree not to hold the University of North Texas accountable should you be ineligible for certification because of a criminal offense.

NOTICE to School Library OUT OF STATE and OUT OF the UNITED STATES students:
As part of your course of study at UNT, all school library students are required to complete a practicum experience.  This practicum experience can be completed in the state in which you reside.  However, the Texas Education Association, the entity in charge of educator licensing in the state of Texas, will not be able to approve your practicum site if the practicum is completed at a site or sites outside of Texas.  As a result, you cannot apply for school librarian certification in Texas if your practicum is completed outside of Texas.  The exception to this policy is if your practicum is completed in a U.S. Department of Defense school which is often the case for families serving in the US military stationed overseas.  Please check with your state's education association to know the school library certification requirements where you intend to work.

My initials below indicate that I understand the requirements for school librarian certification in the state of Texas.

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