Practicum & Field Experience

The degree requirement for practical experience is not the same for all concentrations. School Library Certification students should visit the Mentor Program page for information on how to fulfill their specific practicum requirements.

INFO 5090.701 is the practicum requirement for all students in the General Program of Study (except those who are also pursuing their School Library Certification), Archival Studies & Imaging Technology, Information Organization, Information Systems, Youth Librarianship, and Music Librarianship concentrations. If you are unsure about the practicum/field experience requirement for your area of concentration, please contact your advisor. 

NOTE:  Students pursuing the concentrations listed below will register for a different practicum:

  • INFO 5090.993/994, School Library Certification students who are also pursuing a MS in the General Program of Study
  • INFO 5090.702, Health Science Libraries

The student is responsible for contacting a potential practicum site and arranging an interview with the potential practicum supervisor. You may choose from, but are not limited to sites suggested by the Department of Information Science.

Prior to registering for the course, students in the Library Science and Information Science majors must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of INFO courses and submitted an online practicum application form. Students in the Data Science program are required to complete a minimum of 18 semester hours of coursework and submitted an online practium application form. Students are encouraged to register for INFO 5090.701 in their last semester of course work.

  • Practicum is 120 clock hours for Data Science and general program.
  • Practicum is 160 clock hours for School Library.
  • Practicum is 180 clock hours for Health Informatics.
  • Duties should be progressively more professional in nature as determined by the site supervisor.
  • Days and hours to be mutually agreed upon by student and site supervisor.
  • The supervisor will convey a pass/fail grade to the practicum director and will complete an evaluation form about the student.

Beginning Semester Requirements

  • Check into the Canvas site to read all assignment requirements. 
  • List objectives for the practicum. This will be shared with the Supervisor and changes made as necessary. It will then be posted through the Canvas course as stated in the course.
  • Be certain the site supervisor has checked into the Canvas course.
  • Other assignments as stated in the course syllabus, including a personal statement and description of the practicum site.

End of Semester Requirements

  • Prepare a paper and post it as directed in the online course. It should include a description of the practicum site and the work performed. The student should reflect on what was learned and how it is of benefit professionally.
  • Complete an online course evaluation form.
  • Ensure the site supervisor completes the online evaluation form prior to the end of the semester.

Students must complete the online application to be placed in a site and it must be approved by the site supervisor, advisor, and practicum director prior to registration. Students are advised to begin the process early in the semester prior to the semester in which they do practicum. Waiting until the last minute may result in delaying final placement and registration for a semester.

Practicum Waiver

All students must complete a Practicum unless waived. Different library and information settings reflect different requirements for a waiver. For example, waivers will not be given for work completed at an Early Childhood - 12th Grade School Library. To be eligible to take the End of Program exam, you must either register for INFO 5090 or have your waiver form accepted before the semester begins. You will be notified whether your experience meets the requirements to be waived. Waivers may take up to six weeks to process.

Requirements necessary to request a Practicum Waiver
  • You must have worked part-time or more in a relevant and appropriate setting for at least six months in a paid professional position.
  • The work must include professional level duties and have been supervised by a library or information professional.
  • Students submitting a Youth Librarianship waiver must have experience with youth in a library setting.
  • Submit a completed Field Experience Request for Waiver Form to the IS Department. This form must be completed and submitted to our office prior to the end of the semester preceding the semester in which you are taking the End of Program exam/or the semester prior to the semester in which you graduate.  Please note that waivers can be submitted via fax, email, or mail. 
Practicum Director Practicum Section
Ana Cleveland Health Informatics 


Barbara Schultz-Jones    School Libraries


CI Advising Office Public Libraries, Academic Libraries, Special Libraries, Information Centers


Or any Practicum not listed above
School Library Certification requires that you complete INFO 5090.993 regardless of work experience.

For general questions related to Practicum requirements, please contact the CI Advising office at 940-565-2445 or