UNT's Master's in Data Science Program Considered Fortune's Best

The Master's in Data Science program at the University of North Texas has emerged as a frontrunner in data science education, earning recognition in Fortune's 2024 ranking of the Best Master's in Data Science programs.

Within a rapidly evolving technological landscape, UNT's Master's in Data Science program stands as a beacon of excellence, attracting aspiring data scientists from around the globe. Led by commendable leaders such as Department Chair Dr. Jiangping Chen and the College’s Dean, Kinshuk, the program thrives on a foundation of academic rigor and industry relevance.

At its core, the success of UNT's program lies in its holistic approach to education. From a meticulously crafted curriculum to personalized career preparation services, every aspect of the program is designed to empower students and facilitate their professional growth.

As the director of the program, Dr. Junhua Ding, plays a vital role in driving its success. Collaborating with faculty and departmental leadership, Dr. Ding ensures the seamless operation of the program, fostering an environment where students thrive and innovation flourishes. While no specific actions were taken to receive this recognition, the program's ongoing dedication to excellence and to student success have undoubtedly set it apart. 

Published 2/21/24