UNT music library head and IS Alumni receive board-appointed positions to the Music Library Association

Mark McKnight, head of the UNT Music Library, has been named president of the Music Library Association. “I am deeply honored to have the opportunity for the next two years to serve as president of the Music Library Association, an organization I have been a part of for more than 30 years,” said McKnight.

The Music Library Association, founded in 1931 is the professional association for music libraries in the U.S. It's international membership comprises librarians, musicians, scholars and, educators and members of the book and music trades.

McKnight, whose connection to the MLA dates back to 1984, when he had his first professional job as a librarian says he hopes to continue to uphold the organization’s core values of access, inclusivity, collaboration, expertise, advancement of knowledge about music, fairness and transparency.

In addition to McKnight’s appointment, three IS alumni also received appointments. They include Janelle West, who is currently a Music Catalog Librarian at the UNT Music Library were she has worked since 2001. West was appointed as the Administrative Officer. She holds master’s degrees in library science (’07) and music (’98), both from the University of North Texas. In addition to her library pursuits, Janelle is a professional flutist, specializing in baroque flute performance, and performs regularly with the DFW area orchestras and chamber groups.

Maristella Feustle, Special Collections Librarian at UNT, was appointed Editor of the Index and Bibliography Series. Sara Outhier, Music Librarian for Digital & Audio Services at UNT is the organization's new Placement Officer.

"These positions are all very competitive Board-appointed positions, so the IS Department should be proud since they're all LIS graduates," said McKnight.

The IS Department remains connected to the MLA, as it offers a Program of study in Music Librarianship, geared towards preparing students as music librarians or information professional in a music-related environment. In addition to library science courses offered by IS, students take courses offered by the UNT Department of Music.


Photo: Mark McKnight, Head, UNT Music Library & Ozier Sound Recording Archive