Scholarship Stories: Huyen N.

Major: Ph.D. Information Science with a concentration in Data Science

COI: What is your degree program, major, and any concentration you have?

Huyen: I am in IS PhD program with a concentration on Data Science

COI: What was your paper title?

Huyen: My paper title is “Fighting Misinformation: Where Are We and Where to Go?” It was published on iConference 2023

COI: How did you get chosen for the Lis and Philip Turner Paper Award?

Huyen: My paper was nominated by Dr. Haihua Chen (Department of Information Science) I had never thought one of my papers could achieve this award. One day, Dr. Haihua Chen emailed me that he would like to nominate my paper. And I can’t believe that my paper eventually won the award.

COI: What does the award mean to you?

Huyen: Definitely, it means a lot to me. It not only provides financial support for my academic journey but also serves as a great motivation for me to conduct more meaningful research and publish higher-quality publications.

COI: What other successes would you like to share?

Huyen: I am also very honored to receive the Endowed Graduate Fellowship from my department this year. I am very grateful for the tremendous support and resources the department and the college gave me. This year, I also published two more papers at good conferences of Law and AI. The support and recognition from the department and the college are the great motivation in my endeavor.
COI: Have you overcome any obstacles and how?

Huyen: I believe hardship is a part of Ph.D. journey. Research design and experiment settings are my main obstacles to publishing this paper and others. Sometimes, I had to throw it away and redo it from scratch if the result did not make sense. I think the only way to overcome it is to consider it as a part of the research and consistently work toward the goal.

COI: Would you like to highlight any professor or course that has been particularly helpful to you?

Huyen: I couldn’t have published this paper without the advice of Dr. Jiangping Chen, Dr. Haihua Chen, and the wonderful team I collaborated with. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their great advice and support.

Huyen N.