Master of Science with majors in Library Science or Information Science

The Department of Information Science offers an ALA-accredited Master of Science degree with majors in Library Science or Information Science. This degree provides the basic graduate preparation required for the first professional degree. The degree is offered:

  • Completely Online
  • In a residential format in Denton
  • In an off-campus format in Houston

 The Master of Science with a major in Library Science is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to function as information professionals in a variety of libraries, including public libraries, academic libraries, special libraries maintained by government agencies, corporations, law firms, medical centers, or museums.

ALA accreditation seal
The UNT Master of Science in Library
Science or Information Science is
accredited by the American
Library Association.

The Master of Science with a major in Information Science is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to function as information professionals in a variety of information agencies, including internet service providers, web search portals, information processing services, or electronic publishing.

The master's program prepares information professionals for work in a variety of roles and application settings, including various information agencies and all types of libraries. In addition, the program prepares at a master's level, individuals who wish to pursue study in the theoretical development of information science.

To provide this education, the program rests on a broad conceptual framework that is covered in the core courses, and the program is elaborated in courses that educate information professionals for a number of different client settings. The unique nature of this program, and what sets it apart from other programs in the university that may deal in some way with the topic of information, is the approach to the study of information, its behavior, and its use from the point of view of the user.


Policies and Procedures

The on-campus and distance-education degree programs are governed by the same policies and procedures for admission, retention and graduation. The programs are supervised by the chair of the department with central coordination under the college dean and the vice president for academic affairs. The programs function under the same governance structures for ensuring that curriculum and instructional mechanisms are in keeping with the mission and educational outcomes of the department. All policies and procedures related to admission, satisfactory academic progress, courses of study for degree requirements, course objectives, and grading criteria for courses are clearly stated and published as appropriate in the department's bulletin, student handbook, course outlines, or printed program guides.