Innovators Recognized at TLA: Awardees Illuminate Paths to Success in Information Sciences

The first day of the conference’s opening, hundreds of alumni came to visit the booth, showing just how great of an impact the UNT’s College of Information has on the Librarian world. Alumni and current students alike came to greet and commune with current faculty. The conference stretched on for a total of four days from April 16th to April 19th, 2024 in San Antonio Texas. 

Alumni were more than delighted to provide updates within their careers and lives since their previous graduations, and current students were joyous when meeting with faculty and stating their satisfaction with their current classes. The booth was abuzz every day, and by the end of it all, the majority of TLA attendees were sporting their signature green alumni ribbons on their badges. UNT’s College of Information has a strong reach and root in a lot of librarians lives and intends on continuing serving its students with nothing but utmost dedication.

During the 2024 Texas Library Association (TLA) conference, two impactful alumni made an appearance to collect their well deserved awards.


Nithya Sai Siva Prashanti Dadi, Data Management Senior Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co. received the Outstanding Early Career Alumni Award. While in attendance, Dadi delivered a powerful speech thanking his friends, family, professors and employers. Since Nithya Sai Siva Prashanti Dadi graduated from the master’s program in 2021, his career has taken off to impressive heights. Starting off as data/information management senior analyst at Citibank, he was able to move on to Data Management Senior Associate at JP Morgan Chase after just two years. While in the master’s program, he served as metadata technician and since graduating, he has served as a mentor in the Dr. Yvonne J Chandler Mentoring program.

Abebe Rorissa, the Professor and Director at UTK’s iSchool received the Outstanding Alumni Award. Currently the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs within the College of Communication and Information at University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Dr. Abebe Rorisa has soared high in his chosen field. Abebe graduated with a PhD in Information science in 2005 and has not stopped achieving greater and greater heights since then. After three years of teaching assistantship within the program he went on to Assistant professor at the University of Albany soon rising to Associate professor. After 15 years in New York also teaching and becoming Associate Dean for the college of emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity, at the University at Albany, Abebe settled at the University of Tennessee, where his leadership has brought immense growth within his college. Unable to attend physically, Rorissa still delivered a beautiful speech, one that explains their gratitude for the award.


Throughout the reception, attendees ranged from alumni to current students to professors and staff. After a rigorous game of bingo and delicious dishes being served, a raffle was held to provide prizes to attendees.

The College of Information also held a lunch the afternoon of the Alumni and Friends reception, allowing current students to mix and mingle with each other and the leading Library Science Professors, Dr. Sarah Evans, Dr. Jennifer Moore, and Dr. Tricia Kuon. 



We thank all who visited the booth and we express gratitude to all who attended the lunch and Alumni and Friends Reception. With your continued support, we eagerly await to see you at next year's conference being held in Dallas. 


Go mean green! 

Published April 30th, 2024