Dr. Junhua Ding's Team Presents Groundbreaking Research on Summarization Models at IEEE QRS 2023 in Chiang Mai

Collaborative Research by Dr. Junhua Ding, Dr. Haihua Chen, Lavanya Pobbathi, Huyen Thi Ngoc Nguyen, and Sai Tulasi Kolapudi Sheds New Light on Text Summarization. Master’s Student Sai Tulasi attended (IEEE) International Conference on Software Security and Reliability and transcribed its events firsthand.

"Chiang Mai, Thailand – 10/25/2023

My journey to the IEEE QRS 2023 Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has been an exceptional experience that exemplifies the commitment and support of Dr. Junhua Ding and Dr. Haihua Chen in nurturing young talent like me, Sai Tulasi Kolapudi. I had the privilege of representing Dr. Junhua Ding's esteemed research team alongside my co-authors Lavanya Pobbathi and Huyen Thi Ngoc Nguyen, and this experience has been nothing short of transformative.

The IEEE QRS conference is celebrated as one of the foremost gatherings in our field, and it provided us with a remarkable platform to showcase our cutting-edge research. Our collaborative paper, titled "Quality Evaluation of Summarization Models for Patent Documents," aimed to address a pressing issue in the realm of automated text summarization.

Our research delved into the evaluation of state-of-the-art neural network models in summarizing extensive text, a challenge that has stymied researchers in the field. With the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Junhua Ding and Dr. Haihua Chen, we meticulously analyzed the performance of these models under various input configurations, including a dataset comprising 1630 U.S. patent documents. Our findings not only illuminated the limitations of current models but also introduced an innovative strategy to enhance text summarization in long documents.

During the presentation at IEEE QRS 2023, the depth of our research was met with enthusiasm by both the session chair and fellow researchers. Thought-provoking questions were posed, and it was an honor to represent our team and discuss our research with confidence and comprehensiveness. The positive feedback received, particularly from the session chair, underscored the significance of our work and the depth of support and mentorship we received from our professors, Dr. Junhua Ding and Dr. Haihua Chen.



Beyond the academic accomplishments, this experience was enriched by the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich culture and heritage of Chiang Mai. Exploring local markets, savoring exotic cuisine, and connecting with scholars from around the world all contributed to a memorable and enlightening experience.

I want to take this moment to express my deep appreciation for the unwavering support provided by Dr. Junhua Ding and Dr. Haihua Chen. Their commitment to the growth and development of a master's student, not only from a technical standpoint but also in terms of financial support, has been above and beyond expectations. Their mentorship and guidance have played a pivotal role in my journey to this remarkable achievement.

I also extend heartfelt thanks to the Department of Information Science at the University of North Texas for their unwavering support throughout this journey. Your commitment to fostering excellence in research and nurturing young talent has made this achievement possible.

This experience has not only deepened my passion for research but has also instilled a sense of responsibility to push the boundaries of knowledge in the field of text summarization. Our presence at IEEE QRS 2023, under the mentorship of Dr. Junhua Ding and Dr. Haihua Chen, showcases our department's dedication to nurturing young talent and achieving excellence in research on a global stage.”

Written by Sai Tulasi Kolapudi

University of North Texas

Published November 20, 2023