Celebrating NEH Grant Success: A Milestone in Cultural Preservation

In a triumph for cultural preservation and academic excellence, Dr. Brady Lund and his team, Dr. Ana Roeschley, assistant professor of information science, and Dr. Maurice Wheeler, professor of information science, as well as Morgan Gieringer, head of UNT’s Special Collections, have clinched a prestigious grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). This achievement marks a significant milestone in their journey to safeguard the invaluable cultural heritage housed within minority-serving institutions (MSIs) across the United States.

Dr. Lund, along with his colleagues demonstrated their dedication to the field of library science and the preservation of community histories. This NEH grant stands as a testament to his commitment and vision. The ARCHIV-ALL MSI project, led by Lund and his team, promises to shed light on the challenges faced by MSI archives through a comprehensive approach encompassing website analysis, surveys, and interviews. Their dedication to uncovering the status of these archives is commendable, especially considering the vital role they play in preserving the cultural fabric of their communities.

The NEH grant, awarded after an extensive selection process, provides essential support for the project's execution, including funding for a graduate assistant and compensation for research participants. This financial backing underscores the significance of their endeavor and the confidence placed in their ability to effect meaningful change in the realm of cultural preservation.

The recognition given to Dr. Lund and his team was well-deserved. Their tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed, and this NEH grant serves as a reminder to their contributions to the field of library science and cultural preservation. As we celebrate this occasion, we eagerly congratulate Dr. Lund, Dr. Roeschley, Dr. Wheeler, and Morgan Gieringer. They have all left a lasting impact on the preservation of cultural heritage. The award story may be viewed from the NEH website.


Published 1/29/24