Best Paper awarded to Ph.D. Candidate Kate Kargozari

Having enrolled in the Spring of 2020, Kate Kargozari has taken great leaps in achieving her success. Kargozari, a Ph.D. Candidate and Data Science Teaching Fellow here in the Department of Information Science, has been recognized as even more.

Kargozari has received a best paper award for her paper submitted to the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Testing (IEEE AITest 2023 Conference). The paper, currently published in the conference proceedings on the IEEE Website, is also being prepared for submission to a journal. To receive this award, Kargozari worked for over a year under the supervision of Dr. Junhua Ding and received help from Dr. Haihua Chen, culminating in a paper that covers the topic of review quality.


Best Paper awarded to Kate Kargozari


“Data is like a living organism that grows very fast and contains a lot of information.” Kargozari said.

Kargozari’s PhD journey in Data Science began in Spring 2020, following her transition from master’s program in the same field. She holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry. Aspiring to pursue a career in teaching and research, she currently teaches at community colleges as an adjunct faculty member, and at the University of North Texas (UNT) as a Teaching Fellow.

Her research interests include information and data quality, data science and data analysis (applied to health and sciences), applied natural language processing, machine learning, text mining and big data. “I am eager to explore the hidden side of diverse data.” Kargozari said.

She is honored to receive the 2022 LEADING Fellowship Award. She has authored and co-authored several journal and conference paper and serves as a primary and secondary reviewer for several journals.

“It was a very interesting day and a memorable experience. I am honored to receive this award. It significantly impacts my career and my future journey. It inspires me to continue pursuing my career goals. I’d like to thank Dr. Ding for priceless advice and support through my journey, and Dr. Haihua Chen for all his help.” Kargozari said.

After receiving the award, Kargozari intends to continue her passionate work in research and teaching, particularly focusing on information and data science, and sciences. When asked about aiming to receive another award, Kargozari stated she wishes and hopes and will try her best. “It’s a very in-demand topic, and many professionals paying close attention, so the likelihood of receiving another award hinges on our dedication and hard work.” She added, “No matter what challenges we have in our life, the good thing is, we are not alone. We should always respect the insights and help received from others, be open to other people's suggestions, work hard, and pursue our dreams. Everything is possible if we know our goals.”


“Thank you to my family, UNT faculty and staff, and all my friends.
Choosing Data Science at UNT was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.
It’s always a pleasure to be here.”
Kate Kargozari, Paper Award Winner