"Archiving Difficult Realities" Published by Top Archives Journal

Top journal Archival Science has unveiled study titled "Archiving difficult realities: A systematic investigation of records related to sexual violence in US college and university archives." This comprehensive research, borne out of a year-long intensive endeavor, casts a revealing light on the representation of sexual violence within the archival holdings of campus institutions, a feat accomplished by a dedicated team of researchers.

Leading this endeavor is Dr. Ana Roeschley, with co-authors Julie Miller, Alison Nikitopoulos, Morgan Davis Gieringer & Jessica Holden. All of whom have worked tremendously hard on this study. Though, notably, Julie Miller has very recently received her MLIS with the COI archives program and is currently finishing her GAC in Digital Curation and Data Management. This team of individuals is composed of current and former academic archivists. Together, this team has dedicated time and energy into unraveling the complexities surrounding the archiving of sensitive and traumatic materials.

The focus of the study's findings is the urgent call for enhanced resources and best practices to support archivists in their supervision of collections related to sexual violence. By shedding light on the challenges and deficiencies within current archival practices, the research aspires to ignite broader discussions and inspire further exploration into this area.

As the study finds its place within archival scholarship, its wave extends beyond academic discourse. It stands as a testament to the commitment to ethical and inclusive archival practices, highlighting difficult realities with empathy, diligence, and unwavering dedication.

In the words of Dr. Roeschley herself, “We believe that our field needs to support archivists who steward collections that include sensitive and traumatic materials. We hope that our study can encourage further research on the topic and development of resources on best practices to support archivists in their work.”

In the aftermath of this milestone publication, the research team remains steadfast in their dedication to amplifying the voices of survivors and fostering a culture of empathy and accountability within the archival profession. 

Published 3/25/2024