Alumnus Roosevelt Weeks is recipient of ALA " I Love My Librarian" Award

IS alumnus, Roosevelt Weeks is among the 10 winners of the prestigious American Library Association I Love My Librarian 2016 Award. This award 'recognizes librarians for their exceptional contributions to transforming lives and communities through education and lifelong learning.' Nominations are from the public who detail how their favorite librarian works in their libraries and connected them to information, opportunities and technology to help improve the quality of their lives.

Weeks is currently the Deputy Director of Administration and Chief of Staff at the Houston Public Library. He received his Master's of Library Science degree in 2014 from UNT. He has worked for the Houston Public Library for over 11 years and also serves as a member of the Houston Public Library’s Executive Leadership Team. 

"I am very humbled and honored to receive such a prestigious award. I owe this award to my director, Dr. Rhea Lawson, the staff of the Houston Public Library, my UNT family, and to the many leaders of the Texas Library Association who helped shaped me to serve," said Weeks.

Weeks was promoted to the Deputy Director position in 2006. In this role, he oversees policies and procedures, oversight of all audits, leadership development, training, facilities, employee relations, compensation, benefits, outreach initiatives, budgets, and financial reports. As Chief of Staff, he works closely with the Library Director in managing the Houston Public Library System and has responsibility for overall service delivery for the Houston Public Library System.

Prior to this assignment, Weeks served as Chief Technology Officer for the Houston Public Library, where he was responsible for upgrading the computer technology in the library, providing wireless connectivity in all 42 library locations, installing a patron reservation system and implementing videoconferencing. Prior to working for the City of Houston, he worked for the Pasadena Public Library, Accenture and Aetna. 

Weeks serves on a number of non-profit and city committees and has been recognized for his leadership and contribution to these organizations. He is passionate about improving technology, literacy and education, both inside and outside of the library. He also works directly with community leaders to agree on shared values, vision, and measures of success. This furthers the combined goal of ensuring a future workforce capable of the complex critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing competitive market. He is also a member and serves on several committees within the American Library Association (ALA), Public Library Association (PLA), Texas Library Association (TLA), and Urban Library Council (ULC).

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