Admission Process

Admission Process for the Department of Information Science, Master’s Program

If you have submitted a complete application and have not been contacted, please contact the Department's Main Office at (940) 565-2445. Please note there are two different applications needed to apply for our program. Instructions for both are listed below:

1.  Apply to the University of North Texas Toulouse Graduate School:

  1. Apply to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School
    • You will need to meet the Graduate School minimum qualifications before you will be considered for admission to the Department of Information Science.  
    • International students should use the International Student application.
  2. Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended.

  3. The Toulouse Graduate School will review transcripts to verify minimum GPA requirements of 3.0 on the last 60 hours of a bachelor's degree, a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA, or a 3.5 GPA on a completed master's degree. Applicants with a 2.90-2.99 will be conditionally admitted and must make a B or above in their first 12 hours.  Applicants with a 2.60 - 2.899, may complete leveling, which is 4 courses at the undergraduate level, in which B's or higher must be earned for admission to the MS program.  

  4. Application fee ($75.00).

  5. If you are applying for school library certification without applying to the Master's degree program, be sure to apply as Pre-Teacher/Professional Certification: Grad Non-Degree. Contact the Advising office at or 940-565-2445 if you have any questions.

Send the items above to:

Toulouse Graduate School
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #305459 (USPS)
1147 Union Circle, ESSC #354 (UPS/FedEx)
Denton, TX 76203-5017

Phone: (940) 565-2383

2.  Apply to the College of Information, Department of Information Science:

  1. Complete the Department’s Application for Admission. In order to ensure an expedient admission process, you should complete Step 1a above and the department's Step 2a and 2b concurrently. The College of Information uses rolling admissions at the master’s level, so applications to the Master of Science in Information Science or Library Science are accepted at any time.

    • Students seeking any School Library Certification, Graduate Academic Certification, or Certificate of Advanced Studies will also need to complete the Department’s Application.

  2. In order to complete the Application you will need:

    • A statement which indicates your purpose and goals in applying to our program.  In your statement, include the nature of your interest, how you became interested in the field, your short– and long–term goals, the strengths that you would bring to the information profession, and how our program will help meet your career and educational objectives.  The statement of purpose & goals, should be 1 - 2 pages in length.

    • A resume describing your present and past employment history, any academic honors, recent achievements, and activities in student, professional, or community organizations that would provide evidence of your interest in this field and your ability to successfully complete the program to which you are applying.

  3. You must have two (2) letters of recommendation submitted for you.  Letters should be from former professors, or others who can evaluate your academic qualification, or from job supervisors who can assess your potential for success as an information professional. The letters of recommendation can be submitted in letter form or submitted using the recommendation form listed below.

    • Please print and fill out the top portion of the recommendation forms and give them to your recommenders, along with a pre–addressed stamped envelope to the Department of Information Science.

    • Recommendation Form (pdf)

Submit application documents to:

(via UPS/FedEx):

University of North Texas
College of Information
Department of Information Science
Attn: Admissions and Advising
3940 N. Elm St., Suite C232
Denton, TX 76207

via United States Postal Service:

University of North Texas
College of Information
Department of Information Science
Attn: Admissions and Advising
1155 Union Circle #311068
Denton, TX 76203

or fax to:


or email as attachments to:

How will my Application be processed:

When all of the items from 1-2 above have been received, your application will be considered complete and a decision regarding your admission to our program for the following semester, or the semester you have requested, will be made.

  1. If your application is not complete, please contact our office to check which outstanding items are missing from your application.

  2. Once you have been accepted to the program, you will receive a welcome letter that includes an assignment to an advisor based on your intended Program of Study.

  3. In order to register, you will need to fill out an online advising form. Course reservations are limited and advising forms will be considered on a first–come, first–served basis. 

  4. All new students (except the School Librarianship Program of Study) are encouraged to begin the Master’s Program with one or two of the following core courses: INFO 5000 – Information and Knowledge Professions, INFO 5600 – Information Access and Knowledge Inquiry , and INFO 5200 – Information Organization.  INFO 5000 can be taken with either INFO 5200 or INFO 5600. See the course descriptions in the Official UNT Graduate Catalog for more information.  All three of the core courses are offered in an Onsite Institute format (2 in-person meeting days for each core course with the remainder of the class online for the rest of the semester), or in a traditional classroom setting depending on the semester.

  5. All registration at UNT is done via the Internet by logging in to myUNT, UNT's online portal. Through this portal, you can register for classes, view your schedule or tuition bill, and make fee payments. Also check the Registration and Schedule of Classes located at the UNT Registrar.