Non-Medical Practicum/Field Experience

The Department of Information Science at UNT has a wide range of potential sites from which students can obtain their practicum/field work experience. This range includes museums, public libraries, academic libraries among others. Opportunities may exist in other environments and with the approval of the faculty advisor, the student can meet the practicum/field work experience requirement at these additional sites. 

Note: Before you enroll in this course, you need to have the approval of Dr. Ana D. Cleveland to be sure that you are enrolling in the proper section.

General Objectives

The internship/field work experience should be beneficial to both the student and the institution providing the practicum. Interns will:

  1. Expand their understanding of a library/information science related environment.
  2. Gain practical experience in applying theory and method while working with an information professional.
  3. Gain experience in planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating and documenting a significant project.
  4. Develop professional relationships.

Practicum Waiver

Students who meet the practicum waiver requirements are encouraged to enroll in the Non-Medical Practicum/Field Work Experience in order to enhance their previous work experience.

Requirements of the Internship

  • Minimum of 120 hours. These hours are to be arranged between the student, site supervisor and faculty advisor. The student may or may not be paid for practicum/field work experience hours. The Department of Information Science encourages practicum/field work experience sites to compensate students for their work, however this decision is made at the discretion of the practicum/field work experience site.
  • Log of activities. The student will keep a diary of their practicum/field work experience. This may be in a narrative or outline form.
  • Project. The site supervisor and the student will select a project for the student to complete within the term of the practicum/field work experience. Note: The student may have additional duties.
  • Other. Generally, the above requirements apply to all practicums. In special cases, the student may be assigned additional requirements. These additional requirements must be agreed upon by the student, site supervisor and faculty advisor.
  • Practicum/Field Work Experience Form. Complete the Practicum/Field Work Experience Form with the advice and collaboration of the site supervisor and the faculty advisor. In this form, the student will list the objectives of the practicum/field work experience, project descriptions, as well as other specifications as determined by the faculty advisor, the site supervisor, and the student. The form will be signed and dated by the student, site supervisor and faculty advisor. It must be submitted to the faculty advisor within the first two weeks of the practicum.
  • Evaluation of Site Form. At the conclusion of the practicum/field work experience, the student must complete the Evaluation of Site Form. 



Non-Medical Practicum Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ana Cleveland