Admission Process for the Department of Information Science, Data Science


Please note there are two different applications needed to apply for our program. Instructions for both are listed below:

1.  Apply to the University of North Texas Toulouse Graduate School:

  1. Apply to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School
    • You will need to meet the Graduate School minimum qualifications before you will be considered for admission to the Department of Information Science.  
    • International students should use the International Student application.
  2. Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended.

  3. The Toulouse Graduate School will review transcripts to verify minimum GPA requirements of 3.2 on the last 60 hours of a bachelor's degree, a 3.2 cumulative undergraduate GPA, or a 3.5 GPA on a completed master's degree. 

  4. Application fee ($75.00)

Send the items above to:

Toulouse Graduate School
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #305459 (USPS)
1147 Union Circle, ESSC #354 (UPS/FedEx)
Denton, TX 76203-5017

Phone: (940) 565-2383

2.  Apply to the College of Information, Department of Information Science:


  1. In order to complete the department's application for Data Science: 

    • Submit a one page write-up, describing: goals, career objectives, and your purpose in pursuing this degree program.  You may also indicate why you are interested in Data Science.

    • A Curriculum Vitae/Resume indicating your knowledge of programming languages (at least one language) and of your mathematics competency, specifically: linear algebra, calculus II, probability, and statistics.  In addition to the programming language knowledge and mathematics competency, your CV should include educational background, work experience, completed projects, honors, awards, and / or scholarships received. 

    • Submit both items on the following page:  Data Science Application

  2. You must have two (2) recommendations submitted for you.  The recommendation forms should be from former professors, or others who can evaluate your academic qualification, or from job supervisors who can assess your potential for success as an information professional. The survey of recommendation can be submitted online.

Submit application documents to:

(via UPS/FedEx):

University of North Texas
College of Information
Department of Information Science
Attn: Admissions and Advising
3940 N. Elm St., Suite C232
Denton, TX 76207

via United States Postal Service:

University of North Texas
College of Information
Department of Information Science
Attn: Admissions and Advising
1155 Union Circle #311068
Denton, TX 76203

or fax to:


or email as attachments to: