Onsite Institute

The University of North Texas Department of Information Science created the Onsite Institute as a foundation for distance learning students beginning their Master's degree study. Students meet face-to-face at the host site for two-day institutes in each of the core courses and complete the remainder of the course online. The Institutes consist of classroom instruction and technology training. The Department of Information Science believes that these elements provide the best opportunity for individual success in a distance education program. The Onsite Institute courses are open to all students pursuing the Master's degree through Department of Information Science.

The Department of Information Science offers its three Master's core courses (INFO 5000, INFO 5200, and INFO 5600) in a Onsite Institute format. These courses are required for all Master’s programs of study. Students (except those in the School Librarianship Program of Study) are encouraged to begin the Master’s program with INFO 5000.

Onsite Institutes held in Denton and other designated locations

  • cover orientation to the Department
  • content introduction to INFO 5000, INFO 5200, and INFO 5600.

The Onsite Institute uses the cohort approach to enable students to take the first, second, in some cases, the third semester of studies as a group. This cohort-based approach provides an opportunity for students and faculty to build a vibrant learning community.

The day portion of the institutes involves classroom instruction that covers both course content and technology training for the Web portion of the courses. Social events may be held during some evenings so that students can get to know each other and the faculty.

Students are expected to attend the full Onsite Institute unless otherwise arranged with the course instructor.  Students who realize that they cannot meet this requirement should notify the course instructor as soon as possible. If they have registered for the institute, they should immediately withdraw from the course (please note deadline dates in the schedule of classes for obtaining refunds under Tuition and Fee Information/Tuition and Fee Refunds).

For More Information

If you have any questions, or would like information about upcoming Onsite Institutes, please contact the Onsite Institute Coordinator at LIS-WebInstitute@unt.edu.