BSIS-Applied Technology Degree in 3

Degrees in three is a special effort to assist students wishing to graduate over a three year period rather than four or more.   This program is available to any student, however, it is targeted to the proactive student wishing to optimize their degree progression through the use of Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject exams or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams, Texas community college or university transfer credit hours.


Financial Benefit: A shorter pathway to graduation means a lower cost to students and their families. Students and families can save over $20,000 in their education. Click here for UNT tuition costs and aid.

Career/Future: With the rule of three, students will be able to start their career an entire year early, or contunue to further their education.

AP Exam Placement

You'll need to complete an AP course offered by your high school to take an AP exam. Most Texas school districts offer the exams in May. Homeschooled students or students whose schools don't offer AP courses aren't required to complete an AP course before taking an exam.

CLEP Subject Exams

These exams are scheduled throughout the year at colleges and universities. We certify the credit if you score at or above the average national CLEP score for that subject.

A list of the CLEP subject exams you can take and the credit hours that can be applied toward your bachelor's degree is below.

Exams administered at UNT are scheduled by appointment only. To schedule a CLEP exam at UNT, contact Counseling and Testing Services (located in the Gateway Center, Room 140) at 940-369-7617. You can also visit Counseling and Testing Services for more information.

Degree Structure

The BSIS degree is comprised of five major components which together require a minimum of 120 hours of course credits. The credit hour requirements for each area are as follows:




University Core

42 hours

The state requires all students to complete core courses in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. The core consists of a variety of courses (English, history, math, etc.) that are intended to form a general education foundation. Core courses may be taken at UNT or at another accredited educational institution and then transferred to UNT.

Cross-Functional Electives

45 hours

45 hours may be completed or transferred from related areas and programs as approved by the department. Students must contact an advisor in the information science program to determine the 45 hours of course work needed to complete the cross-functional area of the degree.

BSIS Major Courses

15 hours

15 hours of students degree will be towards Information Science courses other than program concentrations.

Program Concentrations

18 hours

There are several different concentrations for students to choose. Information Science & Knowledge Organization, Project &  Knowledge Management, Information Management & Health Informatics, Digital Content & Information Systems, Human Language Technology, and Data Science.


120 hours

A student must have completed a minimum of 120 semester hours, of which 42 must be upper level.